Conformity: United Kingdom and Civil Rights Activists Assignment

Conformity: United Kingdom and Civil Rights Activists Assignment Words: 647

The nation was unified through the vast prosperity of the economic boom that resulted from WI. The post-war period featured a nation of citizens sharing similar accomplishments, Ideals, and lifestyles. The nation was comprised of myriad barnacles cut from the same cookie-cutter shape. Few chose to challenge the demands of the conformed society. Among the opponents of society were youth and Civil Rights activists, who expressed and represented their demographic through practices that loud shock and alienate them from the nation.

The sass introduced the United States to a new term: the teenager. The teenager revolutionized youth of the period, who viewed society as the enemy. Teenagers during this time horrified parents with their imprudent morals and lack of restraint in certain situations. Youth defied their parents’ strict ethics of the previous generation. For the teenager, the sass was celebration of life and promiscuity. A representation of this Is viewed In the music of the period. Youth music Ignored the harsh segregation of races, and endorsed

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African American musicians and transitioned their unique style by way of the radio. Black musicians built a dedicated fan base wealth the white youth of America. The notorious Elvis Presley also revolutionized youth. Presley established himself with his scandalous dance moves and his music that defied the constraints of race. The youth of this period defied the status quo and built a community based on individual values and personally chosen lifestyles. Civil Rights activists also confronted the conformity of the sass and challenged the ideal of white supremacy that had leagued the nation for decades.

Civil Rights activists sought to transform the nation into a country of equal opportunities for all races. The leader of this movement was the icon, DRP. Martin Luther King Jar. King embodied the goals of Civil Rights and catcalled the movement. Also, the numerous protesters who participated In the effective sit-Ins defeated the status quo of the white race. These protesters strove to eliminate the segregation of public faceless by simply slating down In restricted areas and refusing to vacate the premises. The Freedom Riders also contributed the activists who defied the status quo.

These freedom riders rode in direct defiance against the harsh bus laws of the South. Civil Rights activists were a group of discriminated citizens who opposed the acceptance of segregation and unequal rights accepted by a majority of America. But did these opponents of society truly resist the status quo and conformity of the nation? Teenagers became a lucrative market for businesses. Manufactures marketed their special products to the teen demographic, transforming the teenage lifestyle from an opposition of society into a ad and distinct style.

Teenage influenced magazines greatly profited during this period, as well as books on how to manage a teenager. The teenager no longer stood for uniqueness but a method of business. Also, the call rights activist faced fierce emphasize harmony within the nation. There was no harmony within the Civil Rights Movement. Many activists would lose their lives to their cause, including Martin Luther King Jar. Also, many African Americans would move to the suburbs and conformed to white society, ignoring the necessity of Civil Rights.

These two groups fide the status quo, but eventually would become the status quo and many would conform to society. During the decade of the sass the nation was monopolized by conformity. Youth and Civil Rights activists were direct opponents of the consensus of the nation. These two groups of people revolutionized the country. Youth and Civil Rights activists discovered the flaws within the conformed society and strove to exhibit them to the nation. The status quo was to be defied and altered by youth and Civil Rights activists during the economic prosperity and national conformity that was the sass.

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