Civil Rights Diary Assignment

Civil Rights Diary Assignment Words: 265

We all saw that there was an issue going on between Marquette and the officers. Soon after 27 police quad cars showed up to the scene which angered us even more. Many of us saw the brutal beatings and we all quickly got really angry. The officers were outnumbered. As African Americans we know that we are not treated equally among the white people in our society but there was no reason for this beating. The community has been rioting for about a week now.

The riots started when Marquette was being detained by the officers and did not end until five days later. Many people were injured and many businesses were totaled. Men, women, and children all were looting many businesses like my own. Even furniture store were being looted. It was weird to see people roaming the streets with large televisions and couches. Over 1000 people have been injured and 34 people have lost their lives. Many innocent bystanders were injured by the angry crowd.

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The Governor sent out the National Guard to Watts because days had passed and still the police officers could not take control of the situation in Watts mostly because they were outnumbered because so many of us were there to show our support for change. The National Guard was out here trying to control the large crowds of people fore the police officers were outnumbered by the numbered by the hundred. These riots and looting really damaged my store and I lost a lot of valuable items. My store was ran sacked.

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