Civil Rights And Public Policy Assignment

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All men are created equal has had little weight In American society and has been the cause of social unrest in America for decades. From blacks to minorities to women, unequal treatment has been the cause of protest and objection. Civil rights and inequality cases and issues are focused on by Congress, the courts, and the bureaucracy. Not only is discrimination an issue against race and gender, other groups have been demanding social and constitutional protection.

There are some that have to do with GE and disability, and there are more controversial ones like sexual orientation. Call rights must be demanded and quieted upon. These fights have to take place on philosophical levels, as well as Constitutional interpretations. The Declaration of Independence might have stated equal rights for all, but does it actually mean equal opportunities for all. Even though we might have equal opportunities, does that mean we all have equal chances of succeeding? Do all of these other minorities have the same chance to succeeding as do all other peoples?

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Are they all getting the same results and reward? This Is the focus of the 21st call liberties fight. Founding fathers did not explicitly mention equal rights for all; however, the interpretations of the constitution and other historical documents do no not limit freedom to any specific government. The constitution is unequal in many terms. The First Amendment didn’t explicitly allow freedom of expression which allows people to protest for equality. Equality only appeared in the post-civil War in the Fourteenth Amendment which prevents states from making laws depriving anyone from their rights, In this case, equal protection.

Equal protection Is a key tool for determining call rights and equality. Standards of review are used by the higher courts to determine nature of potential discrimination. For example. In Standards of review, there are laws that classify groups based on age and wealth. They have to pass test and get a result of reasonableness. Then there is potential classification by gender and that must passed pass intermeddle scrutiny. The last is classification by race, in which the laws are Inherently suspected. The most important group of people who have fought tirelessly for their rights are the African Americans.

For the first 250 years the united States was created, blacks were treated as property with no rights. The 1 857 “Dread Scott” Scott v. Sanford ruling declared that even slaves escaping to free states had no rights as a citizen and that Congress could not ban slavery in the territories. The Missouri Compromise made Missouri a slave state but with the condition that the northern territories were free. After all of this and decades later, the thirteenth Amendment banned slavery and Involuntary servitude which led to the era of reconstruction and segregation which broke three Amendments at the same time.

The 13th, 14th, and the 15th. In the 1896 Please v. Ferguson case: Supreme Court gave Constitutional justification to segregation, ruling that “separate but equal” was Constitutional. This made segregation even worse because the government was officially supporting it after they had made those three amendments. Equal education was a major issue now. From this issue rose the issue of busing which was extremely popular among all people In ten earlier years. From tens Issue, Trot ten education and from many other issues, the Civil Rights Movement was formed. The

Civil Rights Movement, and its nonviolent activists, attempted to end political, social, and economic policies that promoted segregation. By the asses the majority of white Americans supported civil equality. The influence of courts and shifting public stances led to many public policies and laws aimed at promoting racial equality in the asses and asses. Most notably, the Civil Rights Act of 1964: made racial discrimination in public accommodation areas (ex. Restaurants and hotels) illegal. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 would be the most massive attempt to enforce black forage.

After the Brown ruling, congress set to end all forms of segregation. After the African American Civil Rights Movement, other minority groups set out to claim their rights. Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and Arabs Americans and Muslims. Women also battled public policy. Feminists groups sprung out of nowhere in the past century. For the first time in American history an American Women almost won presidency. Wage discrimination is an issue under the spotlight. Sexual harassment is an issue that been around for a very long time.

Women’s enlistments in the military has been a huge turning point for women in history. Other groups Active under the Civil Rights Umbrella are the elderly of America. Presidential candidates focus a great deal of their time on this social group. People with disabilities have also been asking for rights and have been facing much discrimination. LIGHT have been gaining massive support nowadays, with their issue being one of the biggest controversial issues Americas has faced. Affirmative Action is a policy designed to give special attention to or compensatory treatment for members of some previously disadvantaged groups.

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