Rules of Law Enforcement Assignment

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Assignment: The rules of law enforcement I believe the police detectives conducted a lawful search and seizure because they were investigating robberies at two local electronic stores and during the investigating they received enough information to get a possible suspect. The detective suspected a person whom was wearing a heavy coat in a summer in Phoenix. That appeared to be strange, and he fit the height description so the detectives pulled over to speak to him.

The suspect’s fourth amendment rights were not violated, it was reasonable and there was probable cause because he gave the detectives reason to believe he might have been involve with the crime by walking out of an electronics store wearing a heavy coat during summer as well as fitting the height description. The evidence in this case that led me to this conclusion was the suspect coming out of the electronics store wearing a heavy coat in the summer, no person would be wearing a heavy coat in the summer in Phoenix.

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The arrest was conducted in a proper manner because the detectives found items on the suspect such as a gun, three ipods and two digital cameras that is when they issued the Miranda rights to the man. The detectives did the correct procedure; searching then arresting. It is important for the police officers to read the Miranda rights to anyone who is being arrested so the individual knows that even though he/she is being arrested they have rights. The suspect has the right to an attorney, so he will not incriminate himself.

The detectives were able to conduct a lawful interrogation on the suspect causing him to reveal information regarding the other person behind the robberies; therefore the detectives were able to get a warrant for his arrest. While at the second suspect house the detectives found three small bags of marijuana and unidentifiable pills. When the suspect arrived at house, it was made clear about the information in regards to the robberies, which led to search the house further and a digital camera, and some computer games, which were still wrapped, were found. The suspect was taken to the police station and questioned.

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