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Dear Journal: Today, May 4th 1961, we are leaving Washington D. C. in protest of or civil rights to desegregate bus rides. We are heading out to New Orleans where our protest is Just the beginning of what we are striving for in order to bring equality to the human race. Not only do I feel nervous and scared, I feel proud for I am standing up to what I believe is right and so one day my children will be able to have a white friend and not be Judged by the color of their skin.

I feel scared for if I do not succeed then my hildren will also have to fght this fght that is outrageous and unfair to our unalienable rights. And so the Journey begins. Dear Journal: Today I witnessed many things, things that still do not feel to be reality but a nightmare instead. How can a group of people hate another group Just because the color of their skin? How can anyone hate at all? This is all still too confusing to me as to why we even have to fght for our civil rights.

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But unfortunately for me and many other folks this is not a nightmare but a harsh reality, reality where life smacks you in he face and puts you down and makes you not feel wanted both literally and fguratively. But we will rise because we are the change that needs to be made in order to be able to create a footprint on this country and to show that we are here to gain our freedom like they once did. Dear Journal: As this Journey continues it has been a rollercoaster of a ride, filled with emotions, suffering, and unimaginable pain.

The emotions have begun from feeling happy and proud to suddenly realizing the sad truth that people do hate us for the color of our kin. I saw a white man get brutally beat up by other white people for riding the bus with us and for believing in the same things as we do. I have seen kids spit on the bus, throw rocks at the bus and other things that I Just cannot seem to understand how at such a young age can they be fill with so much hate? Are they being taught that by the older folks? Or is that already the perception that they have already came up with on their own?

How could this be? I really hope that one day my kids never eel hatred in their hearts because life is too short to ever hate someone. I am starting to feel like giving up and Just quitting but God knows that I will not stop until we get what we need! Dear Journal: It has been a while since I have written but I got badly injured by some white folks that really tried to kill me. I know that since they were unable to do so that it is meant for me to do great things in this event to turn the heads and the ideas of the people that do not believe in our civil rights.

Somehow through this horrible thing that has appen to me I am able to see the positive of this and it only makes me want it even more than ever now. I sit here writing this with a smile because they had me and should have killed me but they could not do that and now they shall witness the great quests that are sure to come in the near future. Dear Journal: Today we have arrived in New Orleans and I have got to say ever since my attack I have felt more courageous and brave and a little bit bolder. I will keep fghting and I will not stop for one day we will all be treated equally! civil rights diary By dagdagan32

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