Case Value of Social Media Assignment

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We think the huge valuations for these companies are justified. Who wouldn’t justify a huge valuation for Faceable? We’re not sure how many users Faceable had when they acquired Watchstrap, but we do know the amount of users for Faceable passes 1. 23 billion monthly active users. Now, combine 1. 23 billion users with the 500 million users they acquired from Watchstrap. Now you’ll never know when their flop is coming or when they II be out of steam. We think any companies like Faceable, with that many users, will draw thousands of investors. We or I do not think Faceable will be replaced by a successor anytime soon.

Yes, maybe one day, but not anytime soon. As for now, the only competition that could possibly replace Faceable is Twitter. Twitters platform is set up differently than Passbook’s though. Twitter is more music driven and promotion driven. Yes, a person can do about the same things on each, but Twitter and Faceable platforms have a user friendly specific set up. What we mean by that is, Twitters website is user friendly towards following others, as in friends and family, don’t forget superstars. Superstars, friends, and family are on Faceable also but the Faceable platform is more user roundly as to sharing photos and having conversations.

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On Faceable, there are options to have photo albums, video albums, and much more. Passbook’s platform is very easy to share on and notify the public of any ongoing events. Overall twitter is a more complex version of Faceable. We think the key factor that will give the mobile messaging platform, Watchstrap, success is going to be some sort of marketing. The case says there are over 500 million user using Watchstrap but it is not known to everyone. Since Faceable purchased the mobile messaging platform, it should find a way to market it on Faceable.

Faceable has a much larger user base and would have a captive audience in the billions to market its new platform to, but yet, as a Faceable user, have never seen it or heard of it. We don’t feel that even the fee of one dollar a year would keep people for using the platform if they knew it existed. Pinsetters is on the rise, more and more people talk about it. Pinsetters gives its users the option of sharing items on Faceable and Twitter, which allows them to market to everyone on those platforms. As the Case suggests, Pinsetters is constantly informed about what its users are interested n, which definitely gives them an advantage.

The only social media service that has the potential to be the candidate to overcome Faceable would either be Mainstream or Twitter. Personally, I think Mainstream has a better chance to take over the limelight, when Faceable loses its steam. L, Jennifer, cannot say that agree 100 percent with Martin’s view that Mainstream or Twitter will take over when Faceable has run its duration. I feel there isn’t anything comparable to Faceable right now, on the market and that is why it is so popular. Think there will be something created in the future that may take the lead over Faceable.

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