North Korea and Social Media Assignment

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Its not a doubt in anyone’s mind that social media has taken a huge leap in the past few years. With social media now available in mobile devices, televisions, ‘Pads, kindles, and so much more, it affects people all over the world. With terms like “faceable me” or “tweet that” used on an everyday basis, its not a surprise that 62. 5 percent of Internet users around the globe visited a social network at least once a month in the year 2012. Social media is huge and is continuing to grow all over the globe. Faceable, Twitter, Linked, Youth, Pinsetters, and Mainstream are popular with Internet users around the world.

For example, Africa has seen a 3000% increase in Internet users in the past decade. Asia claimed over a billion Internet users. Bangkok, Thailand has more than 12 million Faceable users by the year 2012. Faceable is the top leading social networking site in the 127 of the 136 countries that Faceable reaches. But one heavily populated country has banned Faceable. Faceable has been banned in China since July 2009. China so then has many smaller sites to satisfy Internet users due to the lack of Faceable. China has many alternate social networking sites, such as, Render. Render has similar features as Faceable.

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In North Korea however, only a tiny group of powerful leaders have access to the Internet. The remaining 25 million citizens are restricted from Internet use and televisions only play government stations. It is at times referred to the “closed society’ due to their lack of communication to the rest of the world. While people in other countries are changing their Mainstream pictures and pinning a recipe on Pinsetters, North Korea remains to barely have control over what they can listen to on the radio. North Koreans government recently started to Join in on some social networking sites, such as Twitter and Flick.

In the past few days, North Koreans websites have been hacked with images of Kim Gong-one’s face with pig ears, threat messages, and mocking visuals. The hackers threatened that they wanted North Korea to become a democracy, to stop making nuclear threats, and to end the lack of Internet access to their citizens. The hackers successfully hectored Koreans intranet websites, which is not accessible outside of the country. It’s not possible to hack through the Internet Decease Norton Korea does not use ten Internet. Around 2 years ago, the United Nations said that Internet access should be a basic unman right.

North Korea clearly ignored that suggestion from the I-JNI. After the hacks, North Korea Just remained to be creating more tension by making more nuclear threats around the world. The amount of time spent online has been increasing rapidly, especially with the new technology with cell phones and tablets. Video content continues to be the fasting growing segment of social media. Indonesia and India experienced a massive growth in social media between the years 2011 and 2012. They are also expected to have the biggest growth in the year 2013 as well with predictions of up to 37. Percent increase in social network user growth. The more established countries aren’t expecting much of an increase in their social media growth. The United States predicts a 4. 1 percent increase. Faceable remains and is increasingly becoming the world’s social networking giant. They currently have 223 million users in Europe, 219 million users in North America, and 202 million users in Asia. Europe, North America, and Asia are Passbooks main market. Bad, a site popular in Europe, is a cross between a dating site and a social networking site. It remains the second most used social networking site in Austria,

Belgium, Italy, and France. Twitter, a United States based social networking sites, comes in third popular with many users in Australia, India, Finland, Japan, Sweden, and many more. Though not every country in the world experiences the same social media sites, there is a increase in communication around the world due to some of these popular and heavily activated sites. A lot can change in a few weeks, let alone years. The continuously increasing patterns of the social media market are not expecting to stop. With more and more users daily, social media around the world is definitely expected to grow.

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