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The nursing role is rapidly evolving as nurses are tasked with an even wider range of health care responsibilities. In hospitals, clinics, and care centers around the US, nurses are rising to meet these challenges. Today’s nurses are not just caring for the sick; they are changing our very notion of modern medicine and health care delivery. A nurse’s role is about being a more effective member of the health care team and navigating clinical systems. No matter the work environment, all nurses are members of the profession which implies accountability for one’s professional image (Essentials of

Baccalaureate Education, 2008, p. 9). In my career as a nurse, my role has changed many times and began as a provider of direct patient care. My first job after graduation I worked as a bedside nurse on an Orthopedic and Rehabilitation floor in the hospital setting. As rehabilitation staff nurse, provided direct care and education on self-care including safe medication administration, sleep, nutrition, safety, bowel and bladder care. I helped perform activities that served to maintain and restore function and prevent complications.

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I feel lucky to have had this opportunity as my first nursing role because of the team-based care coordination and the value based on each member of the interdisciplinary team. As I transitioned from a novice nurse to a more competent nurse, I gained perspective from planning my own actions based on critical thinking and organization. It was during this time that began to think of long-term goals pertaining to my nursing career. After two years, I was approached to train to cover the Care Coordinator role for the department of Orthopedic during her times of vacation and medical eave.

This quickly turned into a full time position for me and took me away from direct bedside nursing. My main responsibilities were to assist the patient with transitions between healthcare settings, identify skills and expectations of patients and families in regard to the rehabilitation process and help ensure the patient and his or her family understood their healthcare benefits. Enjoyed learning all the aspects of coordinating patient care for this population. Five years passed and accepted the Manager position of the Orthopedic Institute.

It served me well to rely on the team based environment when I began honing my skills as a leader. I quickly learned to supervise and delegate to staff, manage a million dollar budget and remain visible and open to staff. Served my clinical area by developing, implementing and evaluating systems that ensure cost effective, quality patient care. There were times as a manager that my priorities were to maintain multiple projects in alignment with our vision. Communication was always a must for an effective relationship with staff and providers.

As a ember of the profession of nursing I have been able to take part in many activities. Have joined professional organizations. I have enjoyed participating in research for our Orthopedic population. Have participated in community events. It is very rewarding to be able to serve the community in which you live. Throughout my career, as a direct care provider and currently a manager of a patient care center, I have always insisted that patients and families come first and my primary goal is to provide safe quality care.

A professional nurse must have the ability to think critically, mufti-task ND prioritize appropriately. I am truly honored to have chosen a profession that has allowed me the opportunity to grow and become the successful leader I am today. Am fully committed to furthering my education and focusing on the next chapter in my career. Nursing has become more complex in ways that could not have been imagined a generation ago. Now there is an imperative to be not just a great caregiver but a great innovator too. The demands of health care are calling for a new generation of thinkers who want to be agents of care innovation.

Nursing is a profession for the intellectually curious, lifelong learner. However, as nursing continues to evolve with new hospital structures, wonderful technology, and political challenges, the heart of the profession stays the same. Whatever the tools and technologies, the job of the nurse will remain caregiver and advocate for the most sick and vulnerable members of our communities. The field is growing and so are opportunities for nurse practitioners, DNA and PhD nurses, nurse educators, nurse-anesthetists, and nurse researchers.

Great nurses take what they learn in their formal education and apply it to make surprising, difficult, life-or-death decisions every day. Feel that is why nursing education has such a crucial role to play. Getting an advanced nursing degree means preparing myself for a changing world of possibility. With the right skills and knowledge, the next generation of nurses can make a bigger difference for patients, communities, and our national health care environment. I am glad to be part of such a rewarding profession.

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