Population and Pollution Assignment

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Population is becoming very dangerous for us because every day population was increasing. The demand of people is also increasing for crops and they also want cloths to wear. The most populated country in the world is China and second most populated country is India. Day by day for completing the demand of people government are cutting the trees and making industries and house for people because of this the percentage of oxygen is going down ND the percentage of carbon dioxide is going up. One more thing is decreasing that is percentage of clean water which is 0. Percent. The city which has only 900 peoples is Vatican City. Population of business man are increasing that’s why the increasing of business man is becoming problem for us because farmers are decreasing so crops are decreasing but the demand Of people are not decreasing it is increasing and increasing. Population in China China have the highest population and they also buy crops from other Mounties because they have the highest population so the demand of people in China are also high and because of this they buy crops from other country.

Population in India India has the second highest and in India also the demand of people is high. In India sometimes crops grow very good but sometimes crops grow very bad because of this in market the range of crops and the money of the crops are increasing. Population in Vatican City Vatican City have very less population because of this they live very relax fully ND they have no problems Of crops and even they do not have to cut forests and not to make industries.

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Pollution by Population Day-by-day the population is increasing and with this pollution is also increasing. When the population increases the demand of cars is also increasing for travel long distance or going their village.

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