How to overcome air pollution Assignment

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Are you aware that the climate in HCI city is going hotter? People don’t have enough clean water for everyday activities, there’s a stuffy atmosphere covering this city. This bad situation is caused by garbage from industrial zones, car exhaust and large population. The purpose of this essay is to analyze these three main causes of pollution in HCI city. The first and immediate cause of pollution in HCI city is the waste from industrial zones. There’s so much industrial zones that make the water dirty, make the air polluted with foul odor. For example, almost rivers in HCI city are being polluted, a black covers all these rivers.

Although the Government has some solutions to solve but it’s not enough. It’s necessary to have some special methods limit garbage from these industrial zones. The second cause of pollution is car exhaust. A huge amount of car transfers around city everyday this mean that a big exhaust fumes also exists in the air. Because HCI is the biggest center of the country so there’s no method to limit the transport circulate Eng, just only prohibit using too old car. The third and most significant cause of pollution in HCI city is the extremely large population.

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For example, there are so many people from some roving’s go to there to work, so it’s very difficult to control them. More people, more garbage and more polluted so Government should have some solutions to solve this problem by building some other area to deliver people reasonable. If the Government don’t have some methods to solve causes of pollution which are the garbage from industrial zones, car exhaust and the large population, the environment get more polluted, every thing will be worse. Nobody likes to live in a polluted city with garbage and soul odor so the Government should have some new solutions to have a clean-fresh city.

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