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The central pollution control Board (CB) in conjunction with IT-Delhi. The observation of pollution in this city was conducted with an aim to study the sources of pollution in the city and measures to control it. The observation of pollution was done by roaming around in the city between coauthor bus stand to new bus stand. The rapid industrial growth is responsible for the pollution. KEYWORDS: Historical destination, conjunction, pollution. Since the industrial revolution the world has witnessed the rapid expansion of its cities.

For years humans have been flocking to these urban centers in reach of jobs, commodities, entertainment and other phenomenal can commonly be found in cities. [l] Pollution of Environment or environmental pollution means making the environment foul. Our environment means the surrounding of our house where we live, the surrounding of our village where we live or the surrounding of our town or city where we live. Elf our surrounding gets polluted we suffer from many kinds of disease and sickness. If our surrounding gets highly polluted, our life gets endangered. 2] Modern development processes, especially industrialization, have come in for a great Ella of criticism for their utter disregard for the environment. Trash and garbage is a common sight in urban and rural areas of India. It is a major source of pollution. [3] Street corners are piled with trash. Public places and sidewalks are despoiled with filth and litter, rivers and canals act as garbage dumps. [4] Air pollution is a serious issue with the major sources being followed and biomass burning, fuel adulteration, vehicle emission and traffic congestion. 5] In urban areas, vehicle emissions are another source of air pollution. Vehicle emissions are worsened by fuel adulteration and poor fuel ambition Effie sciences from traffic congestion and low density of quality, high speed road network per 1000 people.. [6] Rapid arbitration during the recent decades has given rise to a number of environmental problems such as water supply, waste water generation and its collection, treatment and disposal. Velour city which came up on the bank of polar river have not given a proper thought to the problems of wastewater, sewerage etc.

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In urban areas, the wastewater is let out untreated and causes large scale water pollution. [7] METHODOLOGY: To find out the source of the pollution and think over the measures to control it the region between coauthor bus stand and new bus stand of velour city was selected as the locale for this study. The observation of the pollution was carried out by roaming around the streets. Photographs were taken out and normal discussion of source of pollution was done with local people. The local people were asked about the difficulties they face due to the pollution and how Can We overcome this from their point of view.

Use of internet and e- books were taken to study more about this problem and to check it. RESULT: From the above study we came to know that the pollution in velour city is no more different from other cities. The common sites seen were roadside garbage dumping, unhygienic area around water sources, air pollution due to emission of gases by vehicles, accumulation of solid waste and poor sanitation. This problem is common to almost every city in India. The common traditional known sources of air pollution are power plants, industries, road dust, construction work, garbage burning, vehicle exhaust and domestic fuels.

The sources of land pollution are garbage dumping and improper disposal of solid waste. The sources of water pollution are sewage discharge from industries, poor sanitation, disposal Of waste in water SOL_Ceres and religious sources. DISCUSSIONS AND FINDINGS: The important landmarks that come between old coauthor bus stand of velour to new bus stand of velour are Papillary soil, their magna, silk mill, changing, deodorants, pirouette and new bridge road over the polar river. Problems related to city: use of trackless, plastic plates, cups and bags, tin cans and similar throw- away items has increased in the last decade.

Lack of proper waste collection, segregation and management systems and poor sanitary conditions are aggravating health problems. The reason for the contamination of the ground water in Velour is because the tanneries are dumping their effluents into city’s lifeline??the Polar River. All the tanneries here from Vanadium to Rainier dump their effluents into the river. CA] Problem related to polar river bed: The Polar River bed is dry most of the year because it is a seasonal river. It stirs to life every year during the monsoon. When the river is devoid of water the riverbed is quarried for its 15 feet of sand.

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