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We are going to explain how these environments affect the company’s business one by one. Political The supply of raw materials, import machines and parts, the finished goods distribution heavily depends on transport system. Political unrest stops the whole transport systems. One of the biggest target group is school and college students, which remains closed during unrest thus company faces difficulty in selling products. Economic The MR. was determined keeping the buying capacity of general people. They introduced a small pack of 16 GM of potato chips which cost only 10 TX.

The family pack and premium pack of noodles were introduced in lesser amount Of price in order to Offer the customer an economic buy. Due to Bank regulations the company has to pay the income tax of the employees. Socio Cultural There are 5 different flavors of potato chips and 3 different flavors of corn chips and noodles. All the flavors were adjusted according to the taste of general people of Bangladesh. After few months of research and practical experience the salted and cream flavor chips production Was reduced. During the festivals like Ramadan and Did, people tend to consume more noodles than chips.

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So the business was adjusted according to that. Company has sponsored different programs such as Durra Pupas festival in Banana field. Greenfield Summer School Annual Picnic was sponsored by the company to get attached with the school kids. The technology to ensure better quality was followed by the company. The use of Laser ray to measure oil temperature, the filtration and reuse process of waste water was a technical advantage. The total selling, procurement, finance and managing process was done by ERR (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.

Through that the whole activities of efferent departments were operated automatically and also supervised. Legal The company has formed under the strict rules of government. The company pays regular VAT & tax to the government. The purchases and other transactions are done according to rules. The import of raw materials and others are done under the regulations of government. The BSTJ visited the factory and supervised hygiene and quality control of the factory. They also inspected the packets of the products. After that, the Company got BSTJ approval.

Ecological The company installed Water Processing Plant WET) and Effluent Treatment Plant (HTTP) in the factory to ensure less environment pollution. There are 4 chimneys where additional filters were installed to reduce less emission of flue and other harmful gases. The production of waste water was huge. In order to lessen the water pollution and efficient use a waste water tank and filter was installed. The damaged products were burned out avoiding the dumping to avoid soil pollution. Competitive The competitors in Potato chips are Bombay Food and Assumes Group with their products Alcoa and Sun Chips.

The corn chips competitors are Kruger which is n Indian origin product. And for noodles the main competitors are Nestle with Magi noodles, Saber with Mama Noodles and Para group with Mr.. Noodles. To give a competition the company added special features into the products. They are offering low price real potato chips.

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