Main Causes of Pollution in Urban and Rural Areas Assignment

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Over time, land pollution degrades the quality of not only the land in n area where waste is present, but also the quality of things growing in that land. Land pollution contaminates ground water, kills animal and plant species, causes disease and more. One of the major causes of land pollution is industrialization. Mechanized creation of goods sacrifices resource conservation in favor of speedy and inexpensive production. This results in a greater amount of industrial waste which must be disposed of. When it is not disposed of correctly it becomes surface waste and creates land pollution.

Another cause of land pollution is chemical treatment of the land. Organic farming is the exception not the rule. Most farmers use harsh chemicals to fertilize their crops, eliminate weeds, kill of pests who pose a threat to the crop and more. The excess chemicals leave waste residue in the land and pollute it-Waste from human activity is, however, the most common cause of pollution. Waste causing pollution is caused by careless disposal of things that are thrown away including littering, and failure to recycle.

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Many teems go into a landfill which could be recycled and reused to both limit the amount of natural resources used to create synthetic products and reduce the amount of waste in land fills and private dumps creating land pollution. Land pollution is serious because it contributes to other forms of contamination including water and air pollution, as particles from the land pollution work into the water cycle. Limiting or eliminating land pollution improves every aspect of global conservation, and pollution management.

This prevents potentially dangerous materials from negatively impacting the global quality of life.

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