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This shows a Widespread social phenomenon that many people are willing to use it to reconstruct their There are a lot of researches about body and plastic surgery _ gore the study of body, Firstly, the body concept of constructivism believes that the boundaries between the different groups of the body is a social product rather ere foundation of community (Shilling 2003), and the most important point of constructivism is the meaning and form of a body is instructed.

Secondly the naturalism theorists View the body in a totally they think that many kinds of social inequalities, such as the inequality of wealth and power is determined by people’s biological body, not by accident. Thirdly, the arrival of the consumer society and the rise of consumer culture are important reasons that the body becomes an object of concern. In consumer culture, the busy has been given unprecedented value symbols. For the study Of plastic surgery. Sociologists pay few attention on it, most Of time, plastic surgery is mentioned as an accessory when scholars are searching consumer culture or the process of modern women, and there is a large part Of research about plastic surgery is view-Jinn at the feminist perspective. Mike Finest through his study that the way which body is being experienced in contemporary consumer culture, noticed that the body has been seen as a part of the self, and it can be modified and changed at any time based on people’s subjective wishbone 2000).

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In addition, while feminists have long critiqued plastic surgery, arguing that people need to accept their gendered bodies rather than submit to narrow, rigid patriarchal instructs of femininity and masculinity, some individuals argue that this form Of body modification can be understood as empowering (Hayes 2007). Therefore, the current study was designed for exploring Why there are more and more people take plastic surgeries.

So, the research question is ‘What is the influence of social factors on people making plastic surgery:” And I will choose literature review as my method to irrigates my research question, Method After reading some previous studies. Decided that a qualitative method will be used in the research, which is an effective way to explore the experience ND explanation of different individuals.

This study will review some literature resources about the standard of beauty in ancient China, the bodes performance in consumer culture, and the atmosphere of body that society creates, and then summarize the findings Of these academic researches that pertain to what is the influence of social factors on people participating in plastic surgery. Not only Chinese traditional view ,but also some western studies are both important to my study and I will review them to get some new points to answer my research question. Findings Through my study from several literature resources. Ere are three aspects that reflect the influence of social factors on people making plastic surges. Firstly, physical beauty was standardized. The love for beauty is common to all men. People always have an irresistible affection to good things, Although in different historical period people had different preference began in Five Dynasties period, through Song, Yuan, Mining, and reached its peak in King Dynasty. In this process, people had more accurate standard on beautiful foot, not only to be small, but to be bend, the angle can be wrapped into millet shape.

In King Dynasty, in addition to required the foot only in ten entireties long, but also need to be small, thin, sharp, curved, fragrant, and in the late King Dynasty. Appeared a special race about the most beautiful foot. Because of the standard, it becomes possible to measure beauty and replicate. When we think about the cosmetic surgery, ifs a way to replicate the beautiful body and reshape one’s own body With certain criteria proportion into a recognized perfect body.

Because of the precise standard, people have a clear realize about their physical defects and a explicit goal of cosmetic surgery. Secondly, body’s performance in consumer culture. In the eater twentieth century, the working time was shortened and leisure time increased, along with the development Of a variety Of items for leisure and and services, people ushered in the era of consumption. On the one hand, in consumer society, the aesthetic is a very important element, and the bodies Which within the society are also subject to Strict requirements at the same time.

Body increasingly at a core position in consumer culture, people pay more attention on the performance of body. Featheriness switching consumer culture the body ceases to be a vessel of sin and the secularists odd is found more and more contexts for display both inside and Outside the bedroom, ” (1 982:22), The body can be seen as a machine at this time, through exercise, makeup, cosmetic, clothing and other methods, this machine will present perfectly. On the other hand. People pay attention to the visual in consumer culture, which makes people torus on ere body.

So, people began to focus on planning their own bodies, from health and appearance to the behavior both are the objects are worth planning, and makeup, costumes, manners and other external appearance of the body get particularly attention. The inherent logic Of consumer culture is to bring up people’s demand with the physical consume. A large amount of visual information make people have more demand with becoming beauty, and then a series of related industries will develop quickly. In this case, the body image means the body techniques in some ways. Thirdly, the atmosphere Of body that society creates. The body is not an isolated existence. TTS development was influenced by changes of the political, cultural and economic environment. One Of Faculty greatest contributions is his rethinking of power, he argues that power [s not a thing possessed by one individual over another. Rather, he views power relations as being created within social relationships. As such. Power relationships are multidimensional, can be found everywhere. Power relations. Then, can produce particular beauty create invisible pressure to ordinary people, this pressure is similar With Faculty’s power, it is everywhere. Social construction to beauty may be unconscious, but the impact on people is subtle.

The more attention people pay to their body and the more advanced material and technology develop, people will be more fear of aging and death, this makes more and more people take plastic surgeries. In addition, for most people Who take cosmetic surgery. Shaping body is just a procedural phenomenon, because the pursue for perfect body is always in process, so body need to be modified and polished constantly, Ultimately. With the advent Of the consumer society, a lot of visual information about beauty filled people’s lives, so that people changing their bodies to meet the aesthetic of society and self.

Plastic surgery offered a convenient Wyatt people to plan for a perfect body, people do not have to worry about dieting to lose weight, it can change the appearance of unethically determined. This promotes more people to take the plastic surgeries. Discussion This study is not the first study to find the social factors Which influence people take plastic surgery, but it still provide some information to researchers to help them think about the body and the plastic surgery; and relationship between the two Within the social environment. Overall. Cause of ere literature validity and the complexity of society, the resources use in this study cannot explain the social phenomenon completely,and the findings could not be used to all situations: and to understand the phenomenon of ore and more people taking plastic surgeries, not only to correctly recognize the situation, but also to draw a deep and comprehensive theoretical explanation. This study will help researchers better understand social factors influence people’s attitude to plastic surgery, thus providing a broader space for plastic surgery study in sociology category.

Conclusion A person’s thinking and actions cannot separate from the social environment, and the body in contemporary is under the background Of consumer culture. Meanwhile, with the rapid development in science and medicine, every part of the body can follow people’s Hilling to reform. Therefore. In the case Of social culture and technology support each Other, the beautiful body can be precision and standardization.

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