Be Aware Of Plastic surgery Assignment

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This kind Of surgery can be used to repair skin and tissue damage such as warts and scars that might be caused by accidents and injuries Orr correct defects that are present from birth. On the other hand, plastic surges is currently used to provide the perfect body image in order to kick like some actors and actresses. This image can be obtained by ameliorating the external body.

Depending on the purpose of plastic surgeries, people are debating whether Hess kinds of surgeries should be allowed for everyone, or should be concerned with those who realty need it. Despite these different opinions, and for the sake Of our society, unnecessary plastic surgery should be banned. Plastic surgery. Like all types of surgeries, can bring negative consequences on the patients health. The medical risks that might be caused by cosmetic surgeries include nerve damage, excessive bleeding, scarring. Cancer and even death. To be specific, nerves may be damaged during any surgical procedure.

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When those nerves are injured, the results will either be muscle aralias or the inability to perform certain actions like facial expressions and others. Furthermore, the chemical materials used in plastic surgeries cause, in many cases, serious infections in the internal organs. The spread of these infections in the whole body can certainly cause death after a short period of time. People should take in consideration this fact seriously. Therefore, if muscle paralysis and death are some of the consequences of plastic surgeries, then these kinds of surgeries can’t be considered the perfect solution to reach outer beauty.

For that reason, unnecessary plastic surgeries should be banned, as Blew inflict negative impacts on the patients health. Plastic surgeries cause a lot Of depression cases. With the high expectations of the patient that he will become beautiful, cosmetic surgeries can go wrong Also, the fact that plastic surgeries bring positive results doesn’t imply that they can’t lead to negative ones. Moreover, in case the plastic surgery dirt go well. The patient will need many other plastic surgeries in order to repair the error.

Poor that reason, a plastic surgery can simply be costly, and makes he result even worse. As a result, patients Will face many psychological beauty to think twice before having any plastic surgery. So if these unnecessary surgeries are banned, society Will be able to reduce the accumulation of such these problems in the country. It has been argued that plastic surgery will make the patients more successful and more accepted in their lives, by giving them new better looks. This opinion has been influenced iambi’ by the media and Other social As an illustration, the many different ads and mm. Sees that people attach daily on TV, show successful people and those who have good jobs always With beautiful faces and perfect bodies. Indeed. This beauty is just an illusion because the media has been working a lot on making or creating perfect images of both men and women by using computers and some special applications. However, success depends on characters and attitudes. Not on appearances. In addition, humans can prove their presence in society through Strong characters, despite their appearances. Therefore, people should ignore the idea of the perfect body. D they should know that every human is unique. In conclusion, plastic surgeries have abundant harmful consequences on society. For that reason, people should be aware Of plastic surgery due to the fact that it causes many diseases, disorders and bad influence on people. Also, people should know that these impacts are mostly permanent. Therefore, when some people decide to have plastic surgery, they take a decision whose outcomes will probably last for a long period of rime. Thus, limiting plastic surgery to those who really need it, will provide more benefits for society.

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