Pitfalls Of Plastic Surgery Assignment

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The pitfalls of plastic surgery the author States her opinion and views on the topic of Plastic Surgery she gives the reader for example the history of body modification and how it went from something not many people out Of celebrities status had access to until the late 1990+2002 where almost every major city has a plastic surgeon.

First I will start with her example on body modifications pre historic time and now. NO one really knows which culture invented body modifications but we have many historical facts that show early people did it. For example Pigtail stated that early tribal people would stretch there Necks to make them longer and some would even stretch the earlobes she states this type of ‘mutilation is in the eye of the behold”.

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Now Plastic surgery become very popular throughout the great era of the ear”/ ass’s when actors, actresses wanted a ore youthful and refreshing look that makeup couldn’t achieve for them. To achieve there goal the would have to travel to Brazil where plastic surgery was at its early stages tot being legal. She states that these actors especially woman actresses felt the more older the were getting the more unattractive and that the act of plastic surgery would revise and beautify there nature. A Shimmering Illusion to be blind to there own natural beauty.

Secondly she gives the reader the Good and bad cause and effects of plastic urge for example these celebrities that have had this surgery you see some of them on television with robotic or rubbery looking faces or hands due to unlicensed practitioners performing many Of these operations and once the damage is done the people have to live with these bad body alterations especially Both patients that have had bad or toxic chemicals put inside them.

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