Opinion On Plastic Surgery On Teens Assignment

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Opinion on Plastic Surgery on Teens don’t think it is Okay and in some cases think plastic surgery is Okay for several reasons. It can have many risks and fatal injuries to the body. Some cases it can help with some intimate things, and my thoughts in plastic surgery. It’s mainly about what that teenager is thinking about doing in his/ her life. First of all, want to talk about the risks. Plastic surgery can cause blood clots. Bleeding and bruising nerve damage. Vomiting and nausea. Infections. Earth attacks, and sometimes scars, Most people want to live normal and they onto want internal problems and sicknesses there whole life. That is just a brief explanation on the risks and what will happen to you if you choose to have this done to your body, Sometimes people die when they have this surgery done. There are some good things about taking this kind Of surgery, such as better self-esteem. And more enjoyment with life which means you enjoy life more because you don’t have that dysfunction in your life any more. Less overall anxiety. Oh aren’t afraid of many things or nervous of anything that much. Even more satisfaction in life because if you looked bad or different from everyone you wouldn’t be different you might be better than most people after the surgery. Most important Of all. More attractiveness in life because what it somebody walked around school and asked rheum it they knew you and they said that they didn’t know if you even went to that school. A month later you redid your whole body and you went there they would think wow who is the new person and nobody sooner or later you would be at the top of everyone.

Finally, want to talk about my thoughts on this. Think it is up to them if they want to change who they were before and leave the old person behind than that’s all up to them. It is a choice that if you do it you will have to leave it for the rest Four life. Me personally I think it is stupid and you should be who you were born to be not an artificial person just a normal human being Many people got surgeries like that but don’t think teens should decide to have it done or not. Those are my three reasons why I don’t think plastic surgery is a good Idea for teens.

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