Marketing Case Assignment

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During the second reading, you should prepare to organize your understanding using business/ marketing frameworks, such as Porter’s 5 forces model, Nations growth vector matrix, SOOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), or Kim and Embrasure’s blue ocean strategy. The exhibits provided in the case should also be carefully examined to make sure that all relevant data are included. This second read-through is critical because a solid grasp of the business situation will help you better identify the primary problem and help you assess the viability of any proposed solutions. 3.

The third reading is to help you determine the primary problem and the goal of the firm. In any given case, there are multiple challenges and opportunities. It is your charge to identify the one that deserves immediate attention. In defining the key problem, you should make sure that you are operating at a level that can be acted upon by a marketing manager. For example, the downturn in the U. S. Economy may well be a contributing factor to lagging sales in a firm. However, it is not a satisfactory “key problem,” because it is unlikely the marketing manager can do much in the near future to solve this.

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Once you have defined the problem, you should develop a strategy for solving the problem. Again, generalities such as “play to our core competence,” are not as satisfactory as specific action plans. If multiple courses of action are viable, you should evaluate them and choose the one that best achieves your goal. It is critical that you address why a course of action is recommended. It is not sufficient to address what the company should do. 4. Many times, cases will not provide all the information you need to make a decision.

This situation, while frustrating to the student, is confronted often in practice, and one that you will likely face in a Job interview. As in the real world, when analyzing cases, you are required to make reasonable assumptions in light of the available data. Note on Group Participation: ; I expect all members of each group to be an active and professional participant in all group assignments. Should any group find that a group member is not doing so, it is that group’s responsibility to inform me of their concerns.

I ask that group members keep detailed records of their participation, and any troublesome behaviors by group members. I will ask that these peer evaluations be submitted to me following completion of the group assignments section of the course. While in general, group members will all receive the same grade on group assignments, I reserve the right to lower any group member’s grade based on the evidence presented in peer evaluations. General Statement on Classroom Conduct and Student Responsibilities: . Cell phones should be out of sight and turned off before class begins. . Civility in the classroom and respect for the opinions of others are very important in an academic environment. It is likely you may not agree with everything that is said or discussed in the classroom. Courteous behavior and responses are expected. University Policy on Academic Integrity: ; Academic integrity is fundamental to the process of learning and evaluating academic performance. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to the following: cheating, plagiarism, and eyeing an accessory to acts of academic dishonesty.

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