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Some of the words are in a different language, which is incorrect. If you want to have, different cultures able to use the page, have a setting that switches all content from English to Spanish, or whatever other languages needed. Page should not display information randomly in different languages. I like the click to act method they have.

Overall, I believe the page has limited capabilities to help most users’ Interactivity. Question 2: Chapter 8 encourages the design of a help system early in the design of the human interface. How would you incorporate help into the interface as shown in Figure 8-1? You need to think about what the user is likely to do if they do not know something when creating a help system. The help system needs to be simple as well as easy to access. Help messages should be short, to the point and easily understood. It can how the users how do to something.

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I would incorporate a help by explaining to guests how to look at their point’s record. That way if a user wants to know how he or she got the points the help system you design can show the most computer person easy transition to the information they are looking for. Question 3: Describe how cookie crumbs could be used In this system. Are cookie crumbs a desirable navigation aid for this system? Why or why not? A cookie crumb can be used to show how far the user has gone from the home page.

I find them very useful when dealing with multiple pages other than just a home page. 4. The page design depicted In Figure 8-1 links to an Order History page. Sketch a similar layout for the Order History page, following guidelines from Chapter 8. Question 5: Describe how the use of template-based HTML might be leveraged in the design of the “No Customer Escapes” system. A template-based HTML Is used to make it easy to make a project change or to add a new aspect of the system.

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