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Electronics and communication Internship: Modulate your Career with Pursue Asia The evolution, rather revolution in terms of development In Electronics and communications devices has left us all amazed, amused and always of what may come next. While the people at large are a witness to such rapid development, there are some of us who would Like to delve a bit deeper and figure out what goes in making these things work and how to develop something better and more useful to the society.

You, as a student of SEC share this bent of mind with the engineers and professionals and are eager to learn and be a part of this swift and profound technological advancement. The demand for such engineers exist in almost all the industry – commercial, healthcare, defense, industrial, science and research and therefore the opportunities available to a skilled and experienced professional will never be limited to few companies or Industries. Electronics engineers will find themselves welcomed not Just In private companies, but are sought after by Government firms as well. On completion, you may be appointed as a Test and Integration Engineer, Design Engineer, Electronics Engineer and Electrical Design Engineer across the fields Like consumer electronics, electricity generation and distribution, transportation, aviation and avionics, computer applications, radio and television, telecommunications, manufacturing and offshore industries. As an Electronics and Communications engineer, students will have to perform following functions primarily – Process and/ or Equipment designing

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Refine and enhance functionality of devices and servers Set up networks and equipment; work continuously towards processing and maintenance of electronics gears and systems With such a high growth rate, field of electronics and communication have created a lot of employment globally and will continue to do so for many years to come. An evolving industry needs professionals who can take care of their business. And that’s a good news for the students. How?

Companies are always on the lookout for qualified professionals who have hands-on experience and technical know-how. And the best way to gain an experience and get a taste of what the industry is actually like is by taking up an Internship. You can see and experience this industry in all Its glory, up, close and personal when you intern with some of the best companies that has collaborated with.

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