Personal Philosophy of Nursing Assignment

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My philosophy in nursing is the devotion to deliver the utmost personal patient care I am capable of delivering to the ill, may it be physically, mentally, or emotional, as well as to the challenged in time of need. In order to define my philosophy of nursing, I had to take time out and re-examine my value system, and my beliefs. As I think about it I know I am a caring and compassionate nurse. I reminisced back to the late ass’s, my upbringing in foreign countries and having been exposed to diverse cultures, quickly learned to revert back to the customs instilled in me by my parents and family.

My mores and values of caring with my dedication indeed make a difference. With this valued exposure in my young life, these core values of nursing the beliefs instilled in me were defined by family and friends and peers and my personal as well as professional growth which made me the person I am today. Chatty defines philosophy as “philosophy is the study of principles underlying conduct, thought, and the nature of the universe” (p. 31), and Merriam-Webster more clearly defines states “pursuit of wisdom, the search for a general understanding of values and reality by chiefly speculative ether the observational needs” (online dictionary).

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That’s me. Strongly belief in modern medicine and the advancements in technology, therefore it is crucial for me to keep up on current trends, translate procedures, the use of new equipment and what to expect for my patients. Respect the patient’s autonomy and their ethical behaviors. With empathy and care, I am their advocate; am their voice when he/she is unable to speak, it is my therapeutic touch they feel and I am part of their treatment team. It is my commitment to my patient, to the organization, and my value system. Live in the mandatory continuing education process for nurses.

In order to deliver proficient patient care it is of utmost importance to me in order to remain educated on current research and trends. Keeping up with federal regulations on HAIFA gives me the power to educate my patient and to assure them that their privacy is protected and secured. The updates from the Center of Disease Control allow me to deliver the appropriate care patient specific and as well as protect my self from exposures. I am able to explain to my patient why I am wearing a mask, a gown, or why I am red-bagging all his nines.

The patient does indeed ask “silent questions” being observant by their facial expressions I can be honest and educated with my rationales. Also belief in holistic nursing; encompassing, and “nourishing the whole person, that is the body, mind and spirit” (Chatty, 2007, p 31 2) as well as in holistic medicine “nontraditional forms of medicine that consider the whole person rather the disease or groups of diseased organs, it also considers the body, mind, emotion, spirit connection” (Powell, p 504).

It is my responsibility in incorporate gained knowledge, skills, and resources to improve my tangent’s quality of life. Strongly feel and believe that every person should be covered under universal Health Care. However, Governmental constraints along with guidelines and monetary reimbursements do not allow for additional hospital stays. I am the advocate for my patient, and as a Case Manager, I will assure that to find assistance for the patient to have someone caring for him/her at home due to early discharge.

We, society, neglect to accept the reality that our patient population is getting older and their healthcare needs are more serious and demanding. Legalize that professional nursing draws upon the related disciplines of natural and social sciences and humanities, and it is my contribution as a nurse to the best of my abilities to facilitate maximum functional health status for my patient by collaborating with the treatment team, families, groups and the community.

It is my duty and commitment as a nurse to uphold my philosophy of nursing. Continue to evaluate my mores and values and seek to continue my education, will advocate for my patient. I will continue to care for myself, to adhere to healthy lifestyle practices and to maintain my physical, mental and emotional health in order to continue to provide care to my patients with dignity and respect.

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