Personal Philosophy of Nursing Assignment

Personal Philosophy of Nursing Assignment Words: 447

My values are learned from my personal growth, involvement with family and friends, and respecting others beliefs and opinions. My beliefs are that modern medicine is a great way of healing through research and technology. Believe patients mental and physical health needs should be evaluated and treated if necessary by a healthcare team and support groups. As part of the team, I will care for the patients and their families during distressed times.

I ill work as an advocate to carry out, to the best of my knowledge and skills, the essential care to provide the best experience in healthcare that each patient and family deserves. Believe nursing care needs to be holistic, “nourishing the whole person, that is, the body, mind and spirit” (Chatty, 2007 p. 312); I think that is what defines us as nurses in the healthcare field. It is the nurse’s responsibility to incorporate our knowledge, skills and available resources, so we can improve our patient’s quality of life.

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The American Nurses Association, ANA, defines urging as “the protection, promotion, optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury” (Lance, 2007, p. 1 1). Try to incorporate these elements into my nursing practice; practicing my profession with care, compassion, and humanity. Being able to relate to people of different cultures and backgrounds will allow me to connect with a greater variety of patients and families. I come from an area where there are people from a variety of cultural backgrounds, socioeconomic status, and different spiritual beliefs and we all get along.

We spend time together and their families are accepting. These experiences were needed to give me the knowledge to provide heightened nursing care to patients and their families. Believe in the importance of continuing education in nursing. To continue giving proficient patient care, it is important to remain educated on current research and evidence based practice, keeping licenses and certifications current. According to Randall, Tate and Laughed, “it is important to reflect what we do as nurses so we keep learning” (p. 62).

This allows patients to chive high quality nursing care. Will strive to apply my nursing philosophy to my nursing practice by continuing to reevaluate my beliefs and values as I grow in my profession and as a person. I will continue my education aiming to advance in my nursing practice, but continuing to remember nursing’s holistic point of view. This will allow me to care for my patients and their families more effectively. I will maintain my own physical, mental and emotional health, so I can continue giving the best care I am capable of to people in need.

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