Personal Philosophy of Nursing Assignment

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Nursing, according to my opinion, is the process of providing care to the sick and infirm. It is a profession within the domain of healthcare in which the practitioner is focused on providing care to the patients. The core responsibilities of a nurse, other than providing care to the sick, include maintaining the quality of care being provided to the patients and checking the process of whole care delivery. Nursing is a combination of art and science.

The reason is that nursing involves all the scientific knowledge along with the feeling to provide care from the heart. Nursing is a process for the nurses and for patients it is a product. Nursing can be taken as a product when it comes to the reputation of the hospital. The process of nursing is a complex one and requires the nurses to utilize many tools along with core concepts of healthcare. Ethics has the highest position in the field of nursing. Nursing involves all the ethical frameworks, and this is because of the interaction level a nurse has with a patient.

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Health would define health as the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living organism. Health actually is the condition of the mind and body of a human being. The word health is usually taken as one in which the individual has no pain, or no illness. Health defines the status of any individual in terms of his or her condition. Health of a human has a direct relation with the practice of a nurse. Person As mentioned above, a nurse provides care to the sick. A sick patient may be offering from any kind of disease, irrespective of the severity.

In my case, I provide care to the patients who are sick or ill. They may be from any class, this does not matter to me as a nurse and neither should it ever. Ethics play a vital role in this case. The definition of person can never change to me, since for every nurse, a person is a patient. Environment For me, environment means the surroundings and the conditions in which a human being, or an animal, or a plant operates. Environment is everywhere. Every occupation has its own environment.

Environment is the setting of conditions in which a human being carries out activities. An environment consists of all the important elements that are required in carrying out an activity. For nursing, an environment consists of all the conditions in which the patient is provided with care. Environment does not consist of only positive elements, there are negative elements too. The definition of environment is connected with the definition of health and person as health and person are the core elements of an environment for any human.

In urging, the case is similar. Environment can be divided into two types, internal and external. The internal environment is the environments for the min of a human, and the external environment means the environment for the body of that human. Both the body and mind of a human are affected by different kinds of things which are encompassed in different environments. For a nurse, it is important to understand and analyze both the internal and external environments of the patient in order to provide care to the patient in both the environments.

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