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Subject content and structure. Food, Science, Systems and policy is the first subject in the stream of nutritional medicine and examines the way in which food is produced, processed and distributed in Australia. It provides students with an understanding of current practices and trends in primary production and food manufacturing and distribution. It also examines the laws governing food for sale and the politics of the food system. Topic Assignment on contemporary developments in food production.

With global population growth set to reach over 9 billion by 2050 food security faces environmental, productivity and policy challenges to meet the burgeoning demand. Describe your understanding of the role wheat has played in food supply and safety for Australians, from its historical beginning, and how it may transmit to diet related disease. Describe the potential benefits and or challenges Australians may face by changing thinking by decreasing wheat consumption and increasing vegetable and fruit consumption. Brainstorming This topic is generally about the living or occurring developments in food production.

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We are to write about 3-4 main challenges that are caused by the increasing demand for food supply, mainly in Australia. Suggestion to main points: Benefits of wheat in the food chain touch on the history of wheat and the development of its importance. Here think, past, present and future. Challenges of growing wheat (agricultural wise), here you can mention also how it is time consuming and that growing demand might not be satisfied, etc. Talk about genetic modification, Pros and Cons. Disadvantages of wheat, how it may transmit to diet related disease, how many have problems caused by gluten products, etc.

Benefits and or challenges Australians may face by hanging the inking by decreasing wheat consumption and increasing vegetable and fruit consumption. End with a solution for the problem that was presented in the introduction or problem statement. Take in use illustration data, such as graphs, tables etc. Could be incorporated in either introduction or make a main point where u discuss it? “The majority of Australian wheat is sold overseas with Western Australia the largest exporting state.

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