Nursing Management Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Assignment

Nursing Management Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Assignment Words: 461

The patient should inhale the medication rapidly. Otherwise the dry particles will stick to the tongue and oral mucosa and not get inhaled into the lungs. Advair Diskus is a dry powder inhaler; shaking is not recommended. Spacers are not used with dry powder inhalers. Huff coughing is a technique to move mucus into larger airways to expectorate. The patient should not huff cough or exhale forcefully after taking Advair in order to keep the medication in the lungs. DIFI Cognitive Level: Apply (application) RER 574 TOP: Nursing Process: Evaluation MSC: NCLEX: Physiological Integrity .

The nurse teaches a patient how to administer formoterol (Perforomist) through a nebulizer. Which action by the patient indicates good understanding of the teaching? a. The patient attaches a spacer before using the inhaler. b. The patient coughs vigorously after using the inhaler. c. The patient activates the inhaler at the onset of expiration. d. The patient removes the facial mask when misting has ceased. ANS: D A nebulizer is used to administer aerosolized medication. A mist is seen when the medication is aerosolized, and when all of the medication has been used, he misting stops.

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The other options refer to inhaler use. Coughing vigorously after inhaling and activating the inhaler at the onset of expiration are both incorrect techniques when using an inhaler. DIR Cognitive Level: Apply (application) REFI 3. A patient is scheduled for pulmonary function testing. Which action should the nurse take to prepare the patient for this procedure? a. Give the rescue medication immediately before testing. b. Administer oral corticosteroids 2 hours before the procedure. c. Withhold bronchodilators for 6 to 12 hours before the examination. Ensure that the patient has been NPO for several hours before the test. ANS: C USTESTBANK. COM Bronchodilators are held before pulmonary function testing (PET) so that a baseline assessment of airway function can be determined. Testing is repeated after bronchodilator use to determine whether the decrease in lung function is reversible. There is no need for the patient to be NPO. Oral corticosteroids should be held before PFTs. Rescue medications (which are bronchodilators) would not be given until after the baseline pulmonary function was assessed.

DIR Cognitive Level: Apply (application) REF: 566 TOP: Nursing Process: Implementation 4. Which information will the nurse include in the asthma teaching plan for a patient being discharged? a. use the inhaled corticosteroid when shortness of breath occurs. b. Inhale slowly and deeply when using the dry powder inhaler (DPI). c. Hold your breath for 5 seconds after using the bronchodilator inhaler. d. Tremors are an expected side effect of rapidly acting bronchodilators. ANS: D Tremors are a common side effect of short-acting ??2-adrenergic (SABA) edications and not a reason to avoid using the SABA inhaler.


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