Nursing and Communication Assignment

Nursing and Communication Assignment Words: 530

In nursing there is a great deal of information to send to others in such a short period of time. In order to transmit this message effectively, we need to know that there are factors that could influence how our message is interpreted. We must consider the setting in which the communication occurs, the past experiences and personal perceptions of both the sender and receiver, the timing of the message, as well as other factors. Channeling as well as the first ewe elements are just as important, and goes hand in hand with giving a message.

As stated in my previous paragraph, there are factors that must be considered at the time of giving the message. There is always a time, a place, and a way to say things. Privacy is important to patients; so being in a room by themselves or with a significant other would be more appropriate. Also, depending of what kind of news will be given its best to use a calm tone to get the message across successfully. In this case the patient would be the audience. In order to understand how they perceive the message I’d have to Ochs on facial expressions, hand gestures, and body language.

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For example, if I were trying to make people aware of diabetes, I wouldn’t choose an audience who already has diabetes; my audience would be those who are at risk of becoming diabetic. I’d have to take into consideration their education background to give a better understanding as well. As a nurse I would want feedback. I’d want to know what extra information patients may want or if I’m giving detailed information. What am I not doing to make you feel comfortable? Or what am I doing that makes you feel comfortable? Feedback may include developing self- confidence, self- esteem, and motivation.

Feedback should provide me with practical advice to improve my performance. Noise in this environment would refer to any form of distraction that will cause the audience or myself lose track of the situation, in which case we would both need redirection. A perfect example would be ambulatory sirens going off just outside the office. This would divert my patient focus elsewhere and not on me. I believe presentation go hand in hand with giving a message and channeling. Presentation is as important as immunization. As a nurse want to be credible and respected. The presentation give should be clear with no mistakes or stuttering.

If I never know what I’m talking about and throw something to the patients, display rude or vulgar behavior my patients will lose respect for me and my credibility would be shot. From my understanding situation and environmental context is the purpose for the speech and the space and time in which speak. For example, if a patient’s spouse (2) walks in the room towards the end of me giving the doctors order, the spouse (2) missed the context of what I was explaining to the other spouse (1 At this point Spouse 2 is confused and doesn’t understand what is going on until he/she is caught up.

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