Neonatal Nursing Coincides with Non-Verbal Communication Assignment

Neonatal Nursing Coincides with Non-Verbal Communication Assignment Words: 567

Being a Neonatal Nurse requires a lot of interaction with people. You interact with babies along with their parents and doctors verbally and non-verbally. Communicating non-verbally in the nursing field is widely embraced. Being a nurse, you develop a relationship with your patients. Your body language is important when it comes to speaking with your patients. Paralanguage, the way in which you say words, is Just important as the way you mean it. When approaching your patient, your facial expression is the richest source of emotional information.

On page 115 of Communicating Effectively: 10th Edition, it says, mfour face transmits happiness, friendliness, warmth, liking, and affiliation; thus, it pays to smile frequently. By smiling you will be perceived as more likable, friendly, warm, and approachable. ” Even on your worst day, continue smiling. Your patients doesn’t need to know how bad your day is going. Your attitude along with your manners are also important when dealing with your patients. Coming off rude is unacceptable.

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Even if your patient is the rudest person youVe ever met, you always, address them and their amily nicely. You know how some people don’t like people in their space? Well nurses are constantly in their patient’s space. This is because, we have to take care of our patients. We have to make sure they feel welcomed. Let them know that we care about them and their new born baby. Another thing that neonatal nurses often do is touch. Having to deal with a first time mother requires neonatal nurses to help them out on how to breast feed or even hold a child properly.

This is why most mothers rather have a female neonatal nurse rather than a male because theyre more omfortable with females because they all have the same body parts. Neonatal nursing is a subspecialty of nursing that works with new born infants born with a variety of problems ranging from prematurity, birth defects, infection, cardiac malformations, and surgical problems. Seeing that a new born patient can’t speak, it requires a lot of nonverbal communication. Though they might not understand what we’re saying nonverbally, I know that touch is very important when it comes to them.

When a baby starts to cry, you instantly go and pick them up. By doing so, it can give them that attention that they were looking for. Even if it’s for a diaper change or even just wanting to be held or rocked to sleep. I remember the time when my aunt gave birth and the nurse told her that by laying the baby on her chest can make the baby stop crying because they have that child to mother connection through beating hearts. Taking care a baby is a lot of work especially if it’s for a first time mother.

Some may have experience with their relatives or even a family friend but not many now what it really required with a child. Time is very important. The baby needs attention. She or he will cry until they get that attention they want. Working with multiple babies requires you to balance your time with each and every patient. You will barely have time for yourself. You’re always on the move. You’re either doing your work, helping out other patients, answering questions, emergencies, or assisting the doctor. Neonatal Nursing Coincides with Non-Verbal Communication By Deaaa

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