Norge Electronics Assignment

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The purpose of the company was the sale, Installation and maintenance of equipment for textile manufacturers. The distinctive competency of Portugal was “total customer service” and its unique selling proposition to guarantee increase in productivity to customers. The competitive advantage of was it unique Productivity Index (). The main strategy of the company is to provide the best service ever with the best quality.

Implemented changes In Portugal The company was headed by the General Director , below him there were four departments: Customer Controller Department, Sales Department, Service and Maintenance Teams and Administrating Department headed by Joan . He was accountable for finance management, treasury, general and cost accounting, legal and personnel. Many changes were implemented in the company by Joan, such Legalized pay system Firm’s organizational chart and Job description Job evaluation project Staffing and pay for performance system Results evaluation system

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Problems during the implementation process While implementing these changes there was some underlining issues. Taking actions was a good thing but not involving the rest of the team into taking the decisions was not that good. Implemented all the changes alone without Involving his colleagues, when obtaining the written Job descriptions he even pressured his colleagues to deliver the descriptions on time by threatening them with delayed payments and salary. This situation shows that there was no trust and that pressure should be put in order things to be done on time, which was not he right approach to effective work.

When making the job evaluation project, used unknown method by which he even evaluated the director-level Jobs in the company. The only person included in this process was , which after few recommendations has agreed on the grades. The map showing the company’s grading system was prepared without the involvement of other department heads, which could contribute to the process. For example, the director of service and Maintenance Teams could have been Included in the evaluation f the Job description of his subordinates since his personal Involvement with team member could contribute to more accurate grading.

Staffing was a good approach taken by Joan to free employees that are overworked as well as the pay for result and this way motivated to work even harder and thus satisfied for being recognized. The establishment of remuneration system for performance based on actual work was a very good idea but the actual result of the employees would not be enough to measure the performance, getting to know the employees, there motivation, ambition and personality would give much better results on their performance. What should Portugal do next?

was hard worker, ready for challenges but his strategy to approach the Personnel function the same way he approached accounting: “with analytical mind and an orientation towards result” was maybe not the right strategy. The next step that Portugal should take is to hire someone to be responsible for the Department in Portugal. Was responsible for many functions in the company. He can’t be competent about everything, can he? Taking personnel decisions he missed very important things, “teamwork”, “communication” and “feedback”.

A key function by the new manager should be to assess employee satisfaction, these way employees are given the chance to state their problems and needs in order to be solved, and this will show that the employees are valuable asset to the company and that their opinion is valued. When taking actions toward changes, they should be backed up with agreements. It is very important to know how to manage the process of change. Involving the department heads in future changes would be key factor for success and asking for feedback.

Employees should not be ignored and their opinion should be taken into account. To make the team work together, should organize team building. As Henry Ford has said “Working Together is a Success”.

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