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Electronics, a leading provider of audio/video electronic products for the consumer market, today announced the grand opening of its new flagship store in Hong Kong. The press is invited to attend the grand opening which will be held on December 9, from 3 to 5 . Electronics is located at 9 Long Street, , one of the most popular shopping areas in Hong Kong. The new flagship store will be the company’s largest store around the world and the only one which operates 24 hours daily to meet the different needs of the customers. We are thrilled to open CAR Electronics in Hong Kong and very excited about the grand opening celebration,” said Susan , General Manager of the new store. “With outstanding products and service, this flagship store in Hong Kong Is going to offer our customers a whole new 5-star shopping experience and it will be a favorite destination for people who are looking for something special and varied. ” To celebrate the kick off, the grand opening ceremony will include an opening speech by Ms. Susan , General Manager of CAR Electronics and guided tours of the store for the guests to know the new products and services.

Free workshops will be available after the guided tours on tips, tricks and advanced techniques for getting the most updated information from the latest products. The new store will be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to offer an unprecedented level of service. Customers can come and shop anytime they prefer. The Business Team with knowledgeable salespeople Is dedicated to helping customers to learn about all the latest products and offering personalized professional advice and support.

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