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In relativity the thickness of coat of varnish on a globe is the thickness of the atmosphere compared to the world it self. Thin enough that we are capable enough to change its composition. Over the past two hundred years the burning of fossil fuels such as, coal and oil, and deforestation have caused the concentrations of green house gases to increase. Which in turn causes the atmosphere to thicken. This prevents heat from escaping the earth for example like panels in a green house. The suns radiation comes to earth in the form of light waves.

Most of this is absorbed by the earth and heats it. The earth sends some of this energy back o space in the form of infrared waves. Again some of this is trapped by the earth. This is important because this keeps the temperature on the earth livable. This can also be a bad thing because of the green house gases that thicken the atmosphere. More and more of the suns heat gets trapped and cause the earths temperature to rise. Over the last century the average temperature has climbed one degree Fahrenheit, about sixty percent of a degree Celsius.

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The Ignited Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has predicted the global temperature will rise an additional 3 to 10 degrees by the ND of the century. So there should little doubt that the earth is warming. The sass’s was the hottest decade since the mid sass’s when record keeping began. The hottest years were 1997-Andean 2001-2003. The rising temperatures have had a major impact on the artic ice. This ice serves as a air conditioner for the earth. Since 1 978 the artic sea ice are has shrunken 9%. Since 1 970 nuclear submarines have kept track of the thickness of the arctic ice shelf.

It has diminished 40% in forty years. Scientists predict in the next fifty to seventy years it will have completely melted. These ice caps are important because 90% of the suns rays are reflected back to space, but if the suns rays hit the open ocean 90% of the suns energy is absorbed thus raising the earths surface temperature. This continuous melting of glaciers and ice caps are a real big problem. Especially in the Himalayas, 40% of all the people in the world get there drinking water from rivers and streams fed from this glaciers seasonal melt.

Within the next fifty years these people are going to have an extreme shortage fatter. In 2002 the worlds largest ice shelf cracked in half(Ward Hunt ice shelf). Starting January 31, 2002 scientists began looking at the Larsen B ice shelf. Within thirty five days of studying it, it had completely broken off. Scientists assumed pools of water on the ice shelf would refreeze but instead burrowed deep into it creating mullions. Which caused the ice to break up. Not only did the sea based ice break up but the land based ice to. All because the sea based ice held it back.

Since 1 999 several ice shelves the size of Rhode Island have broke up and melted. Due to this many pacific nations had to be evacuated to New Zealand because of excessive flooding. If this continues the earth Sea level will continue to rise. If a shelf the size of Greenland or Greenland itself broke up the earths sea level will rise twenty feet and submerge many low lying countries causing millions of deaths. Scientists that study ice cores can tell the carbon dioxide levels each year and how hot it was. Since congress passed the clean air act there is visible change in the ice cores.

The carbon dioxide levels have never gone over 300 parts per million until this last decade. They will continue to rise extremely. Which will cause an increase in the earths temperature. This is very bad because the earth redistributes heat through ocean and wind currents. The earths currents are all connected in one giant conveyer. The one part of the current that affects this part of our world is the north Atlantic current. The currents are formed by cold dense salt water that cause the hot water to sink. The melting of ice causes this cold water to dilute and slows the current.

If the north Atlantic current was to stop the whole North American continent and Europe would go back into another ice age. Since the earths currents are all connected a 5 degree increase in the average annual imperative would cause a 1 degree increase at the equator but a 12 or more degree increase at the poles. Scientists believe that the earths weather patterns are closely related to global warming. They believe the warmer the ocean gets the stronger the storms. In this past decade alone many records for weather have been set.

In the western part of the Lignite States 200 cities have set all time records for hottest days and consecutive days of 1 00 degrees or more. In the mid west we set a all time record for tornadoes in 2004 for an amazing 1717. The summer of 2005 we set records for the strongest hurricanes. One year before that the first ever hurricane hit the south Atlantic. All around the world there have been severe storms. Japan set records for the most amount of typhoons, there was 1 0 of them the previous record was 7. August 23 2005 severe mudslides hit Austria and Switzerland. There has been extreme flooding in Asia.

In Umbra India 37 inches of rain fell in twenty for hours. The death toll reached 1000. Global warming increases precipitation and relocates throughout the world. Global warming sucks moisture from water sources and the soil. Durbar and Niger have experienced this first hand. Lake Chad used to be one of the biggest majestic lakes in the world now reduced to almost nothing. In 2003 a heat wave in Europe claimed 30000. While that same year the temperature in India rose to 122 degrees. While there is much evidence to support global warming there are many people who think it is natural and it is not caused by humans.

Even if it is what the global warming supporters expect from us is ridiculous. Naturally there has always been periods of warming and cooling. Scientists tell us that the green house effect is not fact but fiction. Global warming supporters say he climate has changed but actually the technology and the way we view the weather has changed. Climate change refers to any change in climate such as temperature, precipitation or wind. Lasting for an extended period of time. So how can people decipher this short period of record keeping as fact.

To fully understand the climate we need a long term record database. We also need the technology to understand this fully. Global warming supporters expect us to go backwards instead of continuing forward with our technology. They expect us to stop using fossil fuels. This is almost impossible because it makes up about 90% of our energy. If we were to stop using fossil fuels we would go into an economic apocalypse. They expect us to start living “Green”. They want us to spend money on expensive energy saving supplies. Even though the cost of living is already high.

We can’t go back to what we came from after we made all these sacrifices to improve or technology. According to a new study on global warming, climate scientists at the university of Rochester, the University Of Alabama, and the University Of Virginia found that the climate change models based on human influence do to match observed warming. That is contrary to the views held by former Vice President AY Gore, who accepted the Nobel Prize on Monday along with the U. N. ‘s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (EPIC) and who thinks that climate change is largely caused by human action.

Gore wants nations to tax carbon dioxide emissions and not build any new coal plants, among other steps. “It is time to make peace with the planet,” Gore said in his Nobel speech, as reported by the Associated Press. “We must quickly mobile our civilization with the urgency and resolve that has rebelliously been seen only when nations embroiled for war. ‘ The new report, which challenges the claims of Gore and the EPIC, was published in the December 2007 issue of the International Journal of Climatology of the Royal Meteorological Society.

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