The Global Warming Assignment

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The Global Warming Global warming is an important thing to know about because it effects us and our world. The thing is not everyone believes in it, in fact 38% of all Americans do not believe in climate change. Climate change is real though and some animals are losing their lives because of it. For example The temperatures are rising making icebergs melt and more rain fall. Sea level is rising and making islands smaller and longer swimming distances for animals.

Humans need to do something about this. Humans are partly the cause of global warming because of factories, cars, landfills, coal and killing trees. Doing those things We emit more CO and methane, gases that get caught in the atmosphere, causing temperatures to rise. But it is not just us, natural things contribute too. Some examples are cows burping methane, Volcanoes erupting and letting sulfur get trapped in the air for a few days, and rice fields emitting greenhouse gases. Some people in Asia have to wear surgical masks because of the bad air laity.

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Animals in Europe are disappearing because of global warming. China, America, and The United Kingdom are some of the top CO contributors. Propane and airplanes are large CO emitters. More droughts, forest fires, storms, and strife will happen because of climate change. Ancient diseases could come back. These are big problems on Earth that need to be fixed. Global warming has heated up the earth 1. 4 degrees between now and 1880. Water is rising and warming causing more sea life deaths. Carbon dioxide emissions have gone up rapidly.

We have a natural rising and lowering in earths temperature every 100,000 years because of orbital forcing. We are causing this process to go faster. Solar radiation is making the Earths temperature rise. Those things are adding to global warming but some things slow down the process like trees taking CO out of the air, companies that are making green products, people taking shorter showers, and carpooling. We can make a difference by doing the smallest things to help.

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