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During the past centuries the temperatures has risen significantly, scientist have shown that the increases since the middle of the 20th century has caused a rise in the greenhouse gas concentrations because of human activities. Most scientists have agreed that the planets temperature has risen . 5 degrees since the 1 ass’s and will continue to rise. (Gore, A 2006). Within the last 100 years from 1983, 87, 88, 89, and 1991 these were the warmest year’s scientist say. Of the six years stated above 1991 was the 2nd hottest year of past centuries.

Because of the rise of the temperatures is capable of being felt all over the world, scientist has shown that within the next hundred years the temperatures will rise from 1. 4 to 5. 8 Celsius. Our lives and the earth are showing is signs of disasters in the form of cyclones, landslides, and floods because of the imbalance between us. If we keep the imbalances rising, then this will cause a question mark to be put on this planet. The thing that is causing a warming effect on the earth’s surface is Carbon Dioxide. (Gore, A. 2006).

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Carbon dioxide increases the water evaporation into the atmosphere, and since water vapors are considered to be a greenhouse gas it has caused more warmth on the earth’s surface. The warmer it gets the more vapors that will be evaporated; Carbon dioxide levels are going to rise in the future because of the ongoing burning of fossil fuel and the changes in land use. The rise will depend on sociological, technological and the natural development. There are these other gases that play a role in the global warming methane, Cuffs, nitrous oxide, troposphere ozone.

With the increase of these gases will cause the population to grow, forestations, and also technological advancements. (Michaels, P. J camp; Balling, R. C Jar. 2000). The trees will play a role in the global cycle as well; they are one of the biggest mechanisms on land for removing CA from the air. With Deforestation it will check for positive process, it is the 2nd cause of the atmosphere CA. It is responsible for about ј.NET-five percent of carbon emissions that are in the atmosphere, because of the burning and the cutting Of millions Of trees every year. There are more than 5,500 acres Of rainforest’s destroyed every year as well.

Because of the loss of the forest, global carbon dioxide levels will rise . 4 percent every year. Forests can and will be as we may know will be the greatest absorbers of Carbon dioxide. (Michaels, P. J ; Balling, R. C Jar. 2000). There seems to be a close relationship between the population growth and global warming. In today’s world the large population is using technologies that are causing destructions for earth. More that eighty percent of the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide increases are caused by the use of fossil fuels that comes in the form of gas, coal, or maybe IL.

Most of the carbon emissions’ are caused by the burning of gas in the internal combustion of vehicle engines. An automobile that gets very bad gas mileages contributes also to the cause of global warming; maybe about thirty percent of it does contribute to this cause. Even though this is going on sulfa also contributes to this cause maybe about another thirty percent of global warming, and it is also caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Sulfa will cause the glaciers to melt, changes with the rainfall patterns, it increases intense and extreme weather.

The latest research report shows the rate of the melting glaciers have sharpened in recent times. Some of the glaciers have been affected by global warming which maybe come permanent. Because of the shrinkage it will cause a problem with the drinking Water, and because of this the melting of these glaciers has risen from . 35 to . 4 mm. Scientific studies have warned us that most of the glaciers may disappear in about fifteen to twenty-five years. When this happens it will cause problems with water and food in some of the North American countries. (Galley K. E.

Deed 2004) There are some cities that are on the coast that will submerge in the sea. Majority of the islands will not exist and will be washed from the earth’s surface. There is going to be diversity with the rise of the sea levels, due to the water buildings and roads could be closed and they will suffer from the cause of hurricanes and tropical storms. Because of global warming it will increase the causes of hurricanes to maybe about fifty percent. When this happens the sea will continue to rise, and the beaches will erode especially the ones on steep banks.

When the levels do rise wetlands will be lost also, and the rise in the atmosphere temperature will cause an air borne and water borne disease. This will cause the heat to rise as well and this will lead to people having heat strokes or maybe even death. This will cause a problem with most places having droughts, before humanity malnutrition and starvation will be a real challenge. Flora and fauna will become a great threat with global warming; a huge number of species will become extinct. The deserts would expanse, the low rainfalls and rising of the temperatures may come intense and cause dust storms.

This will affect agricultural lands, and also cause problems with production of agriculture. (Galley K. E. Deed 2004) Global warming has become a great matter in India, India is known as the country of agriculture but it all depends on the amount of rain in that country. Even though it will affect every aspect Of the country, the hardest to be hit would be northern India which is the high yield part of the country. Northern India produces the most agriculture, because of the rise in the temperature of he atmosphere and the rainfall would cause a decline in their production of crops.

Global temperatures will lead states, nations, and corporations to make out a plan to take action to solve this situation. In 1997 Kyoto was the world agreement on combating global warming and this is how it got the name “Kyoto Protocol”. Even though ten years have gone by and there has not been a change in the situation, most of the other countries are not serious about the effects of this. Forestation may help this, maybe by planting more trees and reducing the need to cut them down across the United States would help to restore imbalance.

Next thing is that we need to use the environments policies on reducing, reusing, and recycling, and promote the reuse on anything. Third, we need to use fuel efficient automobiles which would use lower emissions of gases. Last thing is that every person should know the importance of the protecting the environment. Not only that technologies need to be promoted, as well they need to be substituted with other technology that causes the emission of global gases. Maybe if there is an awareness program that can talk about global warming it old be helpful.

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