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A notorious controversy surfacing nationwide consists of global warming. Chemistry plays a vital role in studying the chemicals involved in the greenhouse effect It is critical for chemists to be informed about substances that contribute to climate change which subsequently allows them to take action. Statistics regarding the global warming theory remain an issue In that scientists disagree about the causes and effects. However, the Earth has Indeed risen In temperature.

Scientists supporting the greenhouse effect argue the Earth could warm an average of RCA wealth the next 0 years. In addition, global warming can be considered a partial cause of the hole in the ozone layer. All species will cease to exist from lethal ultraviolet radiation if the ozone layer is destroyed, thus meaning global warming is an issue that needs to be resolved. Global warming refers to the average temperature increase of the Earth’s atmosphere as a result of the enduring, increasing effect of greenhouse gases.

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First and foremost, greenhouse gases Include chemical compounds found In Earth’s atmosphere, such as carbon doodle, water vapor, nitrous oxide, as well as methane, which allow excessive amounts to sunlight to enter. Some to the sunlight that initially enters the Earth’s surface returns to space as Infrared radiation. Greenhouse gases absorb this heat and it then remains stuck in the atmosphere forever. Once the heat and light are trapped, the temperature increases.

With greenhouse gases becoming a surplus occupying the atmosphere, the Earth will trap an enormous amount of heat, eventually making the Earth too hot. Once the Earth is too hot, life will become hazardous for all creatures. With 97% of scientists who reportedly support global arming, the remaining 3% evidently do not (Forbes 1). The global warming theory proposed by supporters of the subject follows a chain of three steps. According to Forbes Magazine, CO_2 contributes to the cause of warming, a series of processes concerning natural climate also add to the effect. ND thirdly, warming only matters if it endangers a particular species. Scientists opposed to this theory don’t deny the fact that the Earth has warmed over the last two centuries or that some of the warming is a result of man-made CO_2 What skeptics deny Is the supposed teashop as an effect of global warming. They believe positive statistics In regards to climate change is detective and that the amount to potential harm due to man- made CO_2 is greatly exaggerated while the impact attributable to natural causes is concurrently underestimated (Forbes 4).

Consequently, skeptics believe there should be more confirmation of this so-called global warming theory. Scientists are in fact looking for the ‘cure’ of global warming. At the moment, no major projects physically implicating the atmosphere have been initiated due to skepticism of opposing scientists. However, various “technical fixes” have been Instigated such as Informing the public more about the subject, enforcing less tolerance for burning fossil fuels and emitting carbon dioxide, as well as developing electric cars that operate on solar power which do not burn any fuel.

On top of that, chemists are currently working on improving catalytic converters to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and finding alternate sources of energy to confiscate CA including blissful, hydrogen fuel cells, bodiless. Chemistry gases are fundamental contributors to global warming in that ‘ Off causes climate change. Among the most important naturally occurring substances lies water (H2O), carbon dioxide (CA ), methane (CHI ), nitrous oxide (NON), and ozone (03 ).

Primary among efficient absorbers of radiation, or otherwise known as greenhouse gases, consist of chlorofluorocarbons (CIFS) , perturbations, hydrochlorofluorocarbons, hydrocephalus’s (Huff), and sulfur hexafluoride (SF 6 ). These greenhouse gases are another motive to why the atmosphere becomes warmer. Additional chemistry related contributors to global warming are the unwarranted carbon dioxide emissions as a result of burning gasoline and the ambulation of fossil fuel burning power plants; both being at an all time high.

Coal mining, a leading industry nationwide, oxidized sulfur into SO_3 and SO_4 leading to acidic water conditions which eventually presents atmospheric pollution. Prior to the impact of global warming taking into effect, Earth’s average temperature instated equilibrium. However, over time and emerging as early as the 20th century, the Earth’s temperature has risen 1. 4 OF. Indication that global warming is in fact authentic is shown by the varying patterns of rain, abnormally long heat waves, rise n sea levels, etc.

As these warnings will continue, more of an impact on ecosystems, animals, as well as the human race will be instigated. Catastrophic effects of global warming on an environmental basis include the disappearance of coral reefs, widespread extinction of animal species such as the polar bears who are now endangered, massive crop failures, as well as more killer storms. Algae in oceans will be destroyed which serves as a major food source for various sea creatures. Animals will initially be affected due to already obvious signs of sea water levels rising causing plants to die.

As a result, animals will have no remaining food to eat which eventually will lead to mass extinction of animals and their habitats. Furthermore, global warming is linked to acid rain that consequently triggers deforestation and massive fires. The negative consequences of global warming will fluctuate greatly across the world but scientists are confident to inform us that results of this will make life extremely difficult if not hazardous. From my perspective, I believe the global warming theory that will eventually erupt into catastrophic conditions if it is to controlled.

Moreover, it is obligatory for humans to take action now. Although natural causes are partially the cause, substantial portions of the world today are careless about the environment which serves as a superior cause. Therefore, humans as a team should collaborate to resolve this problem before it is too late. Conclusively, it is crucial for people to be aware of the life-threatening effects global warming may have on the entire world someday. The significant impact global warming will have on individuals, plants, animals is deadly.

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