Reaction Paper: Global Food and Beverage Industry Assignment

Reaction Paper: Global Food and Beverage Industry Assignment Words: 329

As years go by, population rises, not just here in the Philippines but also in other regions of the different continents. And when the number of people multiplies so does their needs when it comes to providing food in their tables. Of course, for a very long time the Global Food and Beverage Sector has become part of the everyday lives of each person.

No one can say that they can live without what can be provided by the said sector because most of us find profit in the jobs that can be provided for/come from the Food and Beverage Industry and that may be the reason why year after year the Food ND Beverage Market boosts up in every corner Of the world. But as the industry continues to rise so does the consumption of packaged food in many houses.

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Packaged Food may be convenient, enticingly packaged and for some people they’re so addictive tempting that indulgence is a constant, uncontrollable urge. But packaged foods are a collective Trojan horse of bad health just waiting to rear its nasty head when you least expect it, sometimes immediately and sometimes later on down the road, which means they’re definitely something you want to cut out of your diet for good.

While it is true that it may help us save more and put less effort in preparing food to be served in our tables, it is something that we need to watch out for because we might not see the effects right now but when the consequence strikes back it might not be pleasant. Even if packaged food contributes to the growing impact on the Food and Beverage Industry, we must remember to prioritize our health first before anything else. We must help develop healthy packaged food that can be less in preservatives/additives to prevent the disease it causes to the ones who consume it.

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