Geography SBA Assignment

Geography SBA  Assignment Words: 298

Crop rotation is done on the farm, depending on the seasons (not all crops re suitable for sowing in certain temperatures) and the amount of land owned. A mixed cropping system is sometimes established, where goats and pigs are reared. Irrigation is in the form of Rhino tanks (Fig. 2) located at different areas of the farm. A river located near to the farm is also used as a water supply for the crops. (Fig 3) Figure 2 shows a Rhino tank used in irrigation Figure 3 shows a river used in irrigation. FERTILISERS Both organic and inorganic fertilizers are used on the farm.

Organic in the form of phosphorous, compost for seed trays and manure and inorganic in he form of k 10 (fig. 4) and other chemical compounds. Figure 4 shows KIO, an inorganic fertilizer used on the farm Questionnaire 1. What is the size of the farm? 2. Is the land owned by the farmer? 3. What are the crops grown on the farm? 4. What type of farming is done on the farm? Mixed Farming 0 Mixed Cropping Livestock Farming 0 Monoculture 5. Are fertilizers used on the farm? O yes 0 No 6. (Ifyes) What type of fertilizers is mostly used?? 0 Organic [l Inorganic 7.

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Information was gathered on the actual site, where pictures of the land’s orientation were taken and field sketches of Its layout were drawn. The information entailed in this study was collected on November 20, 2013 during a field exercise conducted in Somerset, St. Thomas. Two small scale farms were studied; however, only one will be focused on in this project. Information was gathered on the actual site where pictures Of the farm’s orientation were taken and field sketches were drawn. Mr. Brown, a small scale farmer, assisted in the data collection and led our group around the landscape.