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Marketing plan Is a process which Kingsbury uses to reach their goal. Usually It Is a marketing plan for the one year period. Sunburst’s marketing strategy Is designed to get people off the shopping treadmill and Into more adventurous eating. Sunburst’s wants to convey that not only can it supply great quality at good prices but also that it’s the only store offering such a wide range of useful ideas. Source: http://tutor. Net/business/images/strategic_marketing_process. If The main stories in marketing planning process are: Goal setting – it is to set main company’s missions and corporate objectives. Analyzing the current situation – it includes such things as marketing audit, SOOT Analysis and marketing assumptions. Creating the marketing strategy – it is to create main marketing objectives and strategies, forecast of expected results and create alternative plans. Allocating marketing resources and monitoring – It Is to monitor marketing budget and allocate detailed action plan. 3.

Marketing Audit a. Total Market Size, Growth and Trends Kingsbury sells goods like food, drinks and clothes which it gets from other manufacturers and this means that Kingsbury is in the retailing sector. Sunburst’s expanses very fast into non-food ranges, convenience shopping and online shopping. Kingsbury runs 537 supermarkets and 335 convenience stores which is not bad performance. B. Key Competitors, Market Share and Product Range and Prices The main competitors of Kingsbury are such a large organizations like Tests and SAD.

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Kingsbury recorded growth of 5. % and increased its market share by 0. 2% points to 15. 9%, In contrast to Tests which has a 30. 9% share that remains largely unchanged. SAD reported sales growth of Just 2. 6% over the 1 2 week period and Its market share fell to 17. 2%, compared 10th. 4% last year. So far Kingsbury Is showing really great performance, but still it is in a third place by market share. Sunburst’s is selling a wide range of products starting from the main goods which are grocery and ending with clothing and etc.

Compared by prices in Tests a lot of them are higher in Kingsbury, but there are products which are a lot cheaper. C. Consumer Opinions and Buying Habits Most of Kingsbury customers aren’t buying everything they need only in Kingsbury. They mostly buy products with special offers in Kingsbury and then go to competitors stores to buy other goods they need. Sunburst’s done a lot of successful market campaigns to satisfy customers needs and increase sells, buying habits.

Some of the example are Kingsbury Nectar customers were sent birthday cards offering discounts on frequently-purchased Items, collecting customers complaints then act n them and send specific coupons and they analyses the most successful products and then send coupons with offers on those products along with others on which d. Reputation of Retail Market Reputation of the retail market is not very well. There were accidents witch affected customers and made them not happy about products or services. For example Kingsbury made aware packaging few times and this lowered their reputation.

But things like helping environment and economic and working hard on those things makes their reputation get back to normal. . Promotional Activities Used By Kingsbury Kingsbury does many various promotional activities like free delivery buying online, special coupons send by mail and the biggest one which is Nectar membership card. Nectar card is a strong weapon because Kingsbury got your personal information like age group, area where you live and they can see when and what you are buying. Almost all Kingsbury promotional activities depend on Nectar because they do all the special offers by watching most frequently buying items.

Also Kingsbury offers ere delivery on products ordered online when this order totals over OHIO on any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. F. The Range of Distribution Channels available Kingsbury runs 537 supermarkets and 335 convenience stores which is not a small amount. Sunburst’s operates an internet shopping service branded as “Sunburst’s Online”, you can buy goods online and they will be delivered from the nearest store. Over 100 stores operate online services. Sunburst’s operates from 13 regional distribution centers, with two national distribution centers for slower moving goods ND two frozen food facilities.

Kingsbury doesn’t run its own distribution network, most of distribution is ran by distribution specialists organizations. G. The State of the Economy and Key Influences on Demand Kingsbury is working on economic issues in a lot of different ways. They are very environmental-friendly organization reducing CA and doing other kind of recycling. Kingsbury invests in large amounts of money in other poor continents like Africa. And Kingsbury is always extending which means that they produce a lot of new work places all the time.

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