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The warm, humid air feels wonderful. It brings to mind mild summer evenings spent on the back porch watching the birds float on the pond. The wind coming in off the o cean is just cold enough to make your cheeks red. I can’t wait to wake up and hear the soft “pa k, pak” of early risers out on the tennis courts. I crave the sight of a hot breakfast waiting for me as leap down the stairs. I have known this place since was young, and there are too many fond memories to count. Sawgrass Country Club is just to the west Of the Atlantic Ocean, north Of Miam , and east of Tallahassee.

It is just off of A IA, a major highway, but is still quiet and secluded. (30. 195472 N, 81. 372481 W). This paradise is full of small condos perfect for a short getaway. The grass is a deep green, and the roads are flanked by palm trees. The roads are rarely used by cars, but instead by golf carts, humming by. The activities of ch oice for most of the residents are golf, tennis, long walks on the beach, and aqua aerobics. We depend on the ocean for our special delicacies, like fresh caught seafood. Every building is bu ilt low to the round for resistance against winds, and never too close to the water.

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People communicate almost solely in person, and rarely by phones. Meeting someone is always a s pecial occasion, and always looked forwards to. This oasis is in the northeast region of Florida, not far from Jacksonville. This region IS known to have decent fishing. This little heaven of mine may not be mine for much longer. But the memorie s I have made there will live on. I will remember the warm, humid air. I will remember the nights on the patio. will always feel the anticipation and excitement whenever this place is mentioned.

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