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Before The Kop van GUID renewal scheme, there we’re some issues that had to be addressed. River Mamas river was seen as a barrier, there were parts of South bank where there was high unemployment rate and social exclusion, also in order to new the area there had to be a plan of what services and goods had to be offered in order to attract the types of people who “drive the knowledge economy’ (C. Caudal).

The Kop van GUID scheme were intended to solve these issues by; Linking Kop van GUID and the suburbs to the south of it into the city centre through Erasmus Bridge and new metro station, creating new and attractive mixed-use districts (offices, services, residential) and developing a programmer of mutual benefit to make sure that residents of poor areas could benefit from Kop van GUID renewal scheme as well. The Erasmus Bridge shows evidence of old functioning, such as old docks and old harbor.

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You can find urban renewal in public services in big buildings and no sight of gentrification. (Figure 1. 0 shows evidence of old functioning harbor and renewal in a big building). There’s not really a hint old buildings, because most of them are new and renovated. No sight of living houses, but clearly visible transportation system such as metro, trams, bridge and also offices and banks. The five continents has a sight of old functioning of the neighborhood in an old storage building, which s Just slightly renovated (Internet).

Renovated warehouse shows urban renewal and there is a big sight of gentrification; air of expensive environment, evidence of new and expensive buildings, attractive looking houses, cafes and restaurant. (Figure 2. 0 shows a sight of an attractive and expensive looking apartment building). This area is attractive, you can see yachts around. No play area from which you can assume that this living area is mostly for people who live more freely with no kids and/or family. There are couple of cafes around, some shops, restaurants, services.

You can say that Offensively is the opposite of the five continents. You can find there old houses and old apartment buildings where people still live, and that’s a clear evidence of an old and still functioning neighborhood. There is not much of urban renewal there, living houses are still old, buildings not renovated and there is no sight of available services. There is a bit of gentrification since the neighborhood in mixed; more expensive houses are mixed together with poorer ones. You can clearly see the difference of how richer and poorer people live.

Looking at all of the three locations it would be fair to say that Location 2, the five continents, shows most of the urban renewal. Houses are all attractive and expensive looking, with different services such as cafes, restaurants, shops available in the area Ana a renovated warehouse. Gentrification, never, Is mostly Tuna In ten I anal location – Offensively. There you can see more expensive houses mixed with poorer houses meaning that people living there are from higher and lower classes.

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