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Our family eats two meals a day made of mostly beans and rice which cuts a large part of our daily income but we do not need much food to go through each day. Two bowls of beans and rice gives us enough energy to last for a day but does not slake our hunger, however. My dad works at a phone-producing factory which earns the majority of our daily income. Mexico is the one of the world’s mass producer of smartness. My mom works at a small corner store, selling fruits and vegetables. The amount of money they earn from their Jobs each year is about $12000.

The money earned is mostly used for rent and food. Compared to the other people who live in our area, we’re doing Just average. At home I do the household work and watch over my siblings. I do most of the work because I’m the oldest out of all of them and I have more time, now that I’m out of school. Vive been in school for about 10 years and that’s all I get because my parents are unable to pay for tuition and material. Most of my other friends have also gone to school for the same amount of time. We usually have our own time where we have our own “school” and study from books and materials we find.

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By the age of 15, thirteen out of my fifteen (87%) friends learned to read and write. Whenever we get sick, mom and dad deals it with themselves because we don’t have the money for medical and health care but when it is severe we go see the doctors. When we go see the doctors we have to wait for almost an hour, maybe even two sometimes and there is a really long lineup. My grandpa and Grandma recently passed away. Grandma died a few years later though. Grandpa lived a good 73 years while grandma lived for 79 years. Almost the same amount of years my friend’s grandparents had.

My parents are very disappointed by this and very stressed from work and have been fighting a lot lately. They’ll probably break up and mom will have to raise the family herself. Well, that’s what happened with many other people. Not only life is harsh but also dangerous. Lots of gangs, druggies and drug lords hang out on the streets, participating in black market affairs. From what Vive seen, they mostly threaten children to help sell their drugs and illegal products. It is very easy to obtain drugs because Mexico is a mass producer of heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamine.

To avoid getting involved in this illegal act, it is best to travel in groups and avoid isolated areas. Many people do this, probably because they want to get out of Mexico and into America. Well, I guess this is life in Mexico. It’s a struggle but our life isn’t all that bad. Mexico is a great place for vacation and tourism. The hot weather is nice and we produce delicious tropical fruits and really cool dishes, like quadrilles. Mexico and its people make the best ideas for recipes and entertainment. I love for parties and celebration. Developing Country- Vietnam

Living in Vietnam means being able to take what may encounter you and surviving. Vietnam is a very poor country because of the wars and battles that took place in the past years. It is a communist ruled country and very little human rights. I pray that one day that Vietnam will be a peaceful and prosperous place. I live with my mom and 3 younger siblings. We live in a house made of hay, wood and some scraps in a farming neighborhood. We have 40 acres of farmland and we produce crops, livestock, mostly what a typical farm does. Working in the farm isn’t so bad.

There is lent of rain and perfect amounts of sunlight. Our main produce is Coffee and Rice and that is what we also consume. A cup of coffee and 3 meal of rice gives us enough energy to go through the day. Coffee and rice is also Vietnamese top export products as well as other agricultural products. We also produce food for ourselves because we won’t have to pay and we aren’t able to afford food not produced by us. The amount of money we get from selling our crops in one year is $2800. Most of it is already used to feed ourselves. We are not doing bad or good compared to the others.

Just alright. Well, compared to the others in the poor class. Vietnam does not have a middle class. You are either rich or poor and as time passes, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I no longer go to school anymore, because my mom needs help on the field and we need money right now to survive. Vive always wanted to go back because it’ll get me a career but my mom says no because money is needed right now and school is not free. Vive left school for 3 years now and so has my second oldest sibling but only 2 years. So, yea we’ve stayed in school for about 10 years or so.

Mom taught us to read and write further. By 15 me and my second oldest sibling developed basic reading and writing skills. So have my other friends. 90% of us learned to read and write by 15. Vietnam is infected with the avian flu. It is a deadly flu that can cause death and apparently mutation of the genes. Sometimes if we get sick and have coughs, fevers or a simple cold, mom freaks out that we’re going to die which freaks us out. When we go see the doctor there is a massive lineup, like 300 km long! We wait for at least 1-3 hours for our turn.

The doctor says its nothing big and ells us to keep equipments sanitary and personal hygiene. I haven’t visited my grandparents lately. Well, in their graves. It wasn’t long ago they passed away. Grandpa lived up to around 65 years while grandma lived up to 74 years. Judging, by the other gravestones, the other people had almost the same lifespan. One of the major concerns right now in Vietnam is the spread of the avian flu. Many people are dying and surviving Just gets harder and harder. A minor concern is that Vietnam produces and secretly trade opium poppy.

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