For and Against Pollution Assignment

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These days, more and more people are using their own cars to commute. The increasing number of vehicles in our cities contributes to the high levels of pollution in the air. When faced with taking private cars or public transport, people react in different ways. I will discuss the for and against arguments of using private cars or public transport. People prefer private cars over public transport for several reasons. Firstly, private cars are believed to be faster than public transport since people don’t have to spend their precious time waiting for a bus.

In addition, bus-shelters are usually crammed with people. Secondly, you can go directly from work to home much faster. Furthermore, there are people who don’t like to share places with unknown persons or they don’t like to be standing up during their journey. For instance, when taking a bus in rush hours it is very difficult to find a spare seat and eventually you end up grasping a hand bar and trying to keep your balance so as not be flung around when the bus brakes. On the other hand, there are other people who prefer public transport to private cars. Ins public transport is cheaper than using your own car. Ask people who use private cars on a regular basis how much they spend on their cars every month. Not only do people have to pay for high parking prices and fuel, but also the expense incurred when they take their car to the garage to have it repaired. Unlike private cars, public transport has reserved lanes in many cities; so long delays due to traffic congestion can be avoided by taking a bus or a taxi. As far as the environment is concerned, the use of public transport instead of private cars makes a difference.

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For example, if the people who use a bus were to use their own vehicles instead, this would definitely contribute to air pollution. In conclusion, using private cars is expensive and produces more atmospheric pollution than public transport does. All in all, public transport is proven to be more efficient and cheaper than private cars. For this reason, feel that we should all try to use public transport whenever possible. It is beneficial for our finances, our time, and more significantly to our environment.

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