Horrendous Pollution of the Planet Earth Assignment

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As the humanity stepping into the 21st Century, technology and industry is playing an essential role in human overall development. They are transferring our world in an astonishing way from the usage of fossil fuels to the appliance of chemical fertilizer to the development of vehicles. However, no one can deny that the environmental pollution resulted from the rapid development of industry and technology is a very serious problem that the whole world is facing.

In order to prevent our Earth from disintegrating because Of the pollution, we should take some effective measures which including reducing the usage of private cars, advocating recycling and arousing the public awareness of environmental protection. First, government should encourage citizens to use public transportation instead of private cars. Statistics show that almost 232 million different types of vehicles are driven by people everyday and these vehicle emissions contribute 45% to global warming which means the ecological balance can be easily destroyed.

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For example, at the North Pole, some huge ice has been melting and the sea level has been rising, leading to many animals losing their habitats such as alarm bears. Under this circumstance, controlling the using of private cars should be an effective way to reduce air pollution. Obviously, the most direct way to decrease the number of private cars is increasing the price of petrol. When people find it is not cost-effective compared to taking the public transportation, they will choose the latter one naturally.

In addition, controlling the purchase of cars is also an effective method. For example, two people in one family are only allowed to buy one car. Actually, carpooling is also enjoyable. Last, in order to encourage people to make use of public remonstration, government improve the public transport system. For example, government can give the public transportation priority at traffic signals. In this way, it can reduce time spend at traffic signals and reduce costs largely.

To solve the serious contamination caused by human technological activities, people should also advocate recycling which means the conversion of waste to reusable material. According to Environment Protection Agency (2012), “Recycling is one of the best environmental successful measures of the late 20th Century. ” Recycling of plastic products an reduce the release of toxic and polluting emissions into our air, water and soil, all of which would normally require a great deal of time, labor and resources to clean up.

In fact, recycling not only make full use of waste product which can pollute our environment without effective disposal, but also save energy resources, which is also a kind of measure to protect environment. It can reduce the amount of resources needed to make the same item compared to making it without recycling. Elijah Leigh (2011) points: Recycling 1 ton of office paper is 43 percent less energy intensive than darting from scratch, as is recovering steel, plastic and aluminum, at a 60 percent, 75 percent and 96 percent reduction in energy consumption levels, respectively, per material.

Obviously, solving the problem of pollution needs more than controlling and advocating, government should also arouse citizen’s awareness of environmental protection. As Sang II Lee points, “The promotion of a more sustainable future for the environment must require a shift in our attitude”.

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