Air Pollution Assignment

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There is no need to recount the litany of how serious the environmental problem. Just think of the gloomy sky and the bad air, and you will know how urgent it is to protect our environment. However, few people will react to it in actions. For instance, many people know that the increasing car use has generated various air pollution problems, but they prefer buying their own cars. Because they think cars are convenient and comfortable, they can go wherever they want to easily and quickly tit their own cars.

With the more and more cars, cars let out many exhaust gas. It is the greatest polluter. To solve the air pollution problem, people should aware the damage of the car exhaust and the government should increase the input to public transportation. Many people will want to solve the air pollution problem in science. But the reality shows that relying on science alone will not lead to success. Unless we change our lifestyles, scientific advances will only accelerate damage to the environment. In my opinion, a good public transportation system will attract people to take bus or subway.

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As a result, people will drive less and the pollution problems will be relieved. On the first hand, publicity activities are very important. The government should help people know the problem of driving their cars, and at the same time make people know clearly the advantage of taking public transportation, the less cost and the convenience. The government also let some scientists go to the company or factory to make speeches about the air pollution. It an make people remember the disadvantage of the driving private cars.

On the second hand, the government should increase the input to public transport and policies encouraging use of public transportation. They can make some good public transportation systems, and provide a safe, quick, convenient and comfortable service of public transportation for passengers. These measures should make people feel better when taking public transportation rather than driving car. This is the final goal. On the third hand, the government should not aim at banning people to use he cars, but only at encourage people to use car more reasonable.

In the big city, because of the large amount cars, there is always traffic Jam happen, people complain the bad traffic and choose to take public transport instead their own cars. I think the most important thing to protect the air pollution is us. If we are aware of the serious problem of the air pollution, we do not buy private car, the environment will be better. In one word, the more you take the public transportation, the more contribution you make to the good environment.

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