Earthquakes and Tsunamis Assignment

Earthquakes and Tsunamis Assignment Words: 397

Though this motion seems calm and harmless, it is, in reality, a great force of nature. The force becomes even stronger when it is mixed with one of nature’s greatest disasters: earthquakes. When these two great forces collide, structure and society are greatly impacted. Though an earthquake can happen at almost anywhere and anytime in the world, they all start out in the same ay.

Deep beneath the Earth’s surface, in the mantle, rocks are always in motion, rising and sinking in convection currents. These currents, in which cooler, denser rocks sink beneath warmer, less dense rocks, fuel the motion of the lithosphere’s plates. Sometimes, plates may go together, creating pressure. There are three types of pressure a plate can undergo: Tension, compression, and shearing. With this pressure, the rocks begin to bend and stretch.

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When the rock cannot be stretched NY farther, it eventually gives way and breaks. This breaking movement releases energy in the form of seismic waves. These waves travel, harming everything in their paths. If this action happens undersea, another disaster can take place: a tsunami. Sometimes known as a killer wave, this huge surge of water is the product of two forces colliding. Earthquakes, when mixed with the ocean, can have a devastating effect on structure and society.

An earthquake can cause buildings to fall, start a fire, ND block roadways, as well as start a tsunami. Together, these forces can destroy homes, leaving many people homeless. Those who still have their homes will have limited resources, due to downed power lines and blocked roadways. Whole businesses can be shut down, which affects not only the economy of where the earthquake happened, but also other places worldwide that rely on that country for resources. A tsunami can cause major flooding, which could lead to deaths.

For one, eater in the streets can increase the spread of disease, and a whole community can be wiped out. A powerful earthquake or tsunami causes panic worldwide, as concerned individuals take months and years to re-build what has been destroyed in a matter of seconds. When forces collide, the result is frightening. Earthquakes and tsunamis lead to panic, destruction, and devastation. No matter where in the world it occurs, earthquakes affect our daily lives, whether it may be emotionally or physically.

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