Does Diwali Mean Pollution? Assignment

Does Diwali Mean Pollution? Assignment Words: 444

Confused! This is the state of mind of many students like me at the moment. We study E. V. S to save the environment and on the other side we litter things and burn loads of crackers on festivals like dalai and destroy mother earth on the name of celebration and fun. We have misunderstood the meaning of dalai. This festival is celebrated for the victory of lord Ram against the devil Raven. Let is celebrated to remove darkness, and not to lead people into a path of darkness. It is the festival of lights and not a festival of pollution. We should light up our houses with lots of beautiful lights, candles, and days and move darkness.

In the happiness and joy of festivals we should not forget our responsibilities towards the environment, towards mother earth. Otherwise all our education and learning is of no use. We, as students should practically apply things we learn, into our lives. Our education should not only be limited to our tuitions or schools but also in our day to day life. As mentioned previously “Dependable” is a festival of happiness. So why do we act selfish? Let us all together contribute to save our environment. It is human psychology to take actions only when benefit is observed in it.

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So here it is Crackers nowadays are very expensive. Even then we purchase them for a pleasure of one or two minutes. Why not make the one or two minutes last a bit more long like maybe one or two years? Why not donate necessities to the needy people in old age homes, orphanages, roadside vendors or maybe even the beggars. It will make us happy and contended for a much longer time. Try this and I assure you that you will feel like the happiest person on earth. I swear! Giving a smile to someone gives you much more happiness than having it on our face!

To be frank, have been bursting a lot of crackers all through the years. But this year I questioned myself “Why do we burn crackers? ” I truly did not find any satisfactory answer to this. So, I decided to go against bursting crackers. Know maybe this act of mine is way too small in front of the huge world, but I will not back out from doing my bit! I believe, reading this article, some responsible readers would realize their duties towards mother earth. A humble request from my side to all the respected readers “Please spread this message to as many people as you can” Thank you.

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