A Hamster’s Diet: Nutrition and Food for Your Pet Assignment

A Hamster’s Diet: Nutrition and Food for Your Pet Assignment Words: 506

My topic of research was on hamsters diets and how we could run studies on which brands or types of food were more healthy for the hamsters to eat. In earlier research it started that fruits, veggies, and mixed seed pallets were more of the healthier types of food for them. They also proved that most nuts such as almonds or sunflower seeds aren’t healthy for them to eat at all. , along with any other type of junk food. Hamsters need to be given veggies in small amounts occasionally along with fruit. Also they should be given healthy hand fulls of pellets.

Their water should be changed regularly and washed with water, soap, and scrubbing bottle utensils to make sure all the food particles are out. Also it is very important that they get some type Of exercise whether it’s buying them a ball to roll around in freely, or a wheel for their cage, or even just spending quality bonding time handling them and letting them roam around safe areas under supervision. They sleep for most of the day which means thefd be doing most of their activities at night so its best to keep hem in a room where nobody can be awaken by them clicking their water bottle, borrowing and or running on their wheel.

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The procedures that will be explored with is changing up the hamsters diet and changing their lack of exercise increase or decreased their weight. The variable that will remain constant is their amount of food and water. The variable that will change is their weight and their exercise time. The things we will need in this process of this experiment would be the hamster, wheel, water, same size water bottle, cage, pellets, veggies, fruits and special treats.

The experimental procedures is to keep both hamsters on a specific diet, let one get more exercise than the other and keep tabs on the time exercised and amount of food eaten. Hamsters can’t eat the same food as other pet rodents. Each rodent has a specific diet to follow. They have a diet similar to a gerbils. Having wood or even food blocks help keep their teeth worn down. You have to be careful when dealing with hamsters because theyre very moody animals. Their behavior can vary depending on their environment, genetics, and interaction with people.

Theyre typically solitary nature can reduce the risk of excessive litters developing in house holds. They are also food horriders. Their cheeks can double their head size. Their schedules can be modified a few hours either way if lighting conditions are right and food is offered at set times. Never wake a sleeping hamster because they tend to be very grumpy. To conduct this experiment you must personally know your hamster and then time schedule it’s on. Make sure you have a stopwatch or have a clock near by to keep track of time while the hamster is exercising.

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