Nutrition and Healthy Food for Children Assignment

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You should never dismiss a child’s help because there may be a danger but alter the way you wish to proceed in a safer manner. Making sure everything you need is within reach showing the child good organization skills, make sure that hand washing is carried out at every opportunity which will encourage the children to do so too; so for example hen making a sandwich we was out hands before we start handling food and after the preparation, in the event of baking buns or something where we could get our hands messy you must wash your hands during preparation too.

You also need to show the child how we clean down any surfaces that either us or the food may come into contact with while preparing our food, and after we have made our sandwich we need to encourage the child in the washing up Of utensils. Http://www. Healthily. Net/Interconnection. PH p? Article_id=373 ODL Children need the right amount nutrients from foods, you need to make sure oh have carbohydrates; this is a food group which is the starchy food such as pasta, rice, pasta, noodles, sweet potato, couscous etc. Carbohydrates give us energy and calcium and wholegrain carbohydrates give us fiber which makes our digestive system healthy.

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A healthy daily diet should include around 3 -5 servings per day, one portion is a slice Of bread or egg of cereal/porridge, six tablespoons of past or rice or 2 small new potatoes. Proteins are another food group which provide us with iron, minerals and vitamins, this will help the body to grow and repair itself. This group contains meat, fish, eggs and getable proteins such as nuts, beans, peas, lentils and quern. We should be eating 2-3 servings of this each day, one portion is equivalent to two slices of ham or turkey, two sausages, 1 beef-burger or a small can of tuna, salmon, sardines or mackerel, 1 Go portion of quern/tofu.

Milk and dairy products should be eaten at 3 servings per day. Dairy provides us with protein, calcium and some vitamins like Bal 2, A and D, these will keep our bones and teeth healthy. One portion of dairy is one medium glass of milk, one pot of yoghurt or matchbox size of cheese. Fruit and vegetables should be eaten at least 5 orations per day, this includes frozen, tinned, dried, and the juices. Fruits and vegetables give you lots of vitamins and chemicals called antioxidants and fibers to keep your body healthy.

Fruit and vegetables are very low in calories which keep us full because we can eat more, controlling your weight is made easier when you eat lots of vegetables and will provide a whole range of important nutrients. One portion is one apple, orange or similar sized fruit, two smaller fruits such as plum, a handful of grapes, raspberries etc. The group we need least of is fats and sugars, this is things like butter, cooking ills, cream, dressings, chocolate, sugary drinks etc. These foods give us lots of energy but not many nutrients, they are often high in fat, sugar and salt and it is important not to have too much from this food group.

Children need to makes sure that they are drink enough to help the brain, digestive system and body work properly, the amount of water needed varies on the age of the child, the weight and how much physical exercise you do so its important to always have a drink to hand. What to drink is also important, sugary drinks can cause you to gain weight, so best drinks are water or milk prefer semi-skimmed) that’s because they do not contain sugar and milk provides vitamins, minerals and calcium. The recommended fluid id 6 to 8 glasses per day, drinking the right amount means that you wee should be a light yellow.

The amount of salt added to food is very high in processed foods, we need to be careful as salt raises your blood pressure and risks heart disease and strokes which can happen later on in life. If you are aged 7 to 10 years you need less than g salt a day (g sodium) If you are 1 1 and over you need less than g salt a day (2. G sodium. A healthy diet for children is essential for a child’s growth/development, on average a child should grow 2 and lo inches per year, growing bones and muscles require the correct nutrition.

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