Colour Recession and Negative Space Assignment

Colour Recession and Negative Space Assignment Words: 260

The window is the negative space and there are color opposites present. It is almost abstract and everything is flattened out by the patterns of the tablecloth and the wall paper. You could argue that any painting is abstract because its Just nice shapes and colors. Below is the image of the painting front way up and upside down and you can see how abstract it looks. “The dancers” Matisse in 1910.

This is a great example of color opposites and the costive and negative shapes of the dancers. “The Railway’ Meant in 1873. This negative attitude toward black, especially during Matisse’s career, must have its origins in the late 19th century after the rise of Impressionism. The little girl sees through the imprisoning bars “the promise of greater freedom as she grows up. ” In contrast, her older companion’s “reflective melancholy seems to bind her to her past. ” “Line over form” Mandarin in the early sass.

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In my opinion this painting shows no lour recession because even though there are opposite colors and the black lines create positive and negative space, it doesn’t have an illusion of a AD surface. It looks like a AD grid with no color recession present. “ImpressГ??n al attracted” Claude Monet in 1872. The black boats are the negative space because they are in silhouette’s. There is also color recession because the red sun appears to be coming towards us. The red sun also makes the blue sky and sea receded. Color Recession and Negative Space By Menominee

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