Education–key to social justice Assignment

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Justice is a very systematically built socio-political reality in today’s world & in multicultural pluralist context Of India it is amalgamated with civilizations heritage. The Constitution of India aptly mentions achieving”Cluster, social, economic and political” as the first of the four goals of the Constitution. So,making the common people aware about their rights is also very important in order to uproot any kind of socio-political injustice.

Imparting education from the grass root level naturally is one of the key factors in achieving justice. As India moves confidently in the path of development with its vibrant democracy and composite culture, the question of education and social justice is of utmost importance in the present crucial socio-economic juncture. India has a rich legacy of educating its people and giving birth to some underbelly creative minds who helped to formulate some path-breaking systems. Undoubtedly, they influenced the social ethos.

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The rapid developments in every field of learning especially in science and technology and the experiments in the methodologies of teaching ??learning redefined education and education system. Justice in the form of the greater cosmic scheme of life as traditionally thought to be the divine providence and doing justice as fairness stand as etc conceptual variants, the latter being more recent. The very concept of Education and Social Justice, thus , requires detailed analysis. This paper tries to focus on certain issues *Oppressor and oppressed…. Dagoes of the oppressed *Struggle for liberty … Emancipation of the self *Education and the skill development *Knowledge management & Creation of Knowledge Society *Awakening the self… National conscience . *almanac of higher ,further ,adult and continuing education *Birth of new social order *Re-establishment of the world of justice The world’s history is ashamed to have years and years of oppression in various forms. The relationship between the oppressor and the oppressed is naturally most discussed upon . The oppressed class often took oppression as fate of their life.

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