Death of a Salesman – Willy and Biff Conflict Assignment

Death of a Salesman – Willy and Biff Conflict Assignment Words: 394

Arthur Miller, presents the conflict between to main characters, the traveling salesman, Wily Loan, and his son Biff. This discord Is founded In the fact that each man Is faced with the Impractical Ideals placed on them by the other. This leads to the subsequent shattering of Wily and Biffs hopes. Wily chastises his son on numerous occasions. However, his scolding fall deafly on Biffs ears because he has learned of his father’s affair. Many facets make up Will’s somewhat disfigured success ideal .

First, he defines his success by is appearance and personal popularity. Perhaps this Is gleaned from his mentor, another salesman, Dave Salesman. Salesman’s skill Is reflected In the large amounts of people that attend his funeral. Wily holds this popularity in high regard. It is his hope that Biff and his brother happy will lead successful prosperous lives. Wily > brags to them how successful he believes he will become in the future. > “Happy: [Just like uncle Charley, he? ‘ Wily: Giber than Uncle > Charley! Because Charley is not– liked.

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He’s liked, but he’s indwell liked. ‘” Despite his instant effort, Wily never attains his desired popularity and Is confined to life of an average middle-class working man. When Biff fails math, preventing his graduation from high school, Will’s dream his son with succeed in his place is shattered. > Biff dollied his father during his youth. His belief that his father can fix anything leads him to travel to Boston , where his father was working . He hopes that If he pleads to his father, he will, in turn, speak to Biffs math teacher to see what can be done about his grade.

However, upon his arrival In Boston, he walks In n his father and a lady friend Involved In sexual behavior. He no longer can see his father in the > Will’s mental state deteriorates, distorting his view of appearance and reality, with old memories invading the present . This imperfection only adds to Biffs disapproval of his father. > Wily believes that, at the end of his life, he has been burdened with the worst possible humiliation. With this in mind, Wily commits suicide to allow his family to collect large sum of insurance money. Ironically, not even his death brought about the popularity he so desperately sought. In fact, the