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The scientific community is in agreement that climate change is taking place, and the impacts are significant. Different groups have made attempts to highlight some of these effects through various media. The series Ice Age, produced by the Blue Sky Studios, highlights many issues related to climate change and the effects climate change has on our environment. After watching the series Ice Age (2002), Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006) and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009), there are several things related to climate change that are brought out.

First, climate change is affecting migration patterns of different animals. As animals move to higher altitudes, their usual migration patterns are interfered with. This migration endangers the lives of these animals since they are forced to live their natural habitats and share one habitat, as shown in the movies. For instance, in Ice Age 1, the animals are seen migrating south to avoid the ice age. Secondly, climate change has contributed to the human-wildlife conflict. This poses a major threat to animals and humans. It is shown that Sotto, the animal leading the Semicolon pride, seeks revenge by attempting to eat a human child.

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Thirdly, the movies also show that climate change has greatly contributed to the melting of ice. This causes destruction of the natural habitats of various animals such as polar bears. In addition, this also leads to flooding since ocean waters expand. Flooding is a big threat to wild animals, plants and humans. For instance, in Ice Age 2, the animals can be seen playing on melting ice, and are warned that the earth will soon flood. Fourth, climate change has contributed to the reduced number of glaciers worldwide. Most of the glaciers are shrinking as a result of global warming. These lacier are a natural habitat for certain animals.

For example, in Ice Age 2, it shown that a glacier that contains two reptiles, Cretaceous and Maelstrom, breaks off. Fifth, climate change has contributed to biodiversity loss. Certain plants and animals risk extinction due to the changes weather patterns. This is not only a threat to the life of such animals but also to other animals and humans who depend on them. The Ice Age series shows how ancient animals are at risk of extinction due to the changes in the climate. Sixth, the movies indicate that climate change is responsible for the deterioration f air quality in the environment.

As temperatures increase, dangerous organic compounds are emitted into air. This affects the quality of life. This is a major threat to human and animal health. For instance, in Ice Age 3, it is shown that the animals were crossing a chasm filled with helium and laughing gas. Finally, Ice Age series shows that climate change is likely to contribute to extreme weather conditions such as droughts and hurricanes. This is a threat to both human and animal life as well as the survival of plants. As a result, many animals will find it difficult to survive in their natural habitats. ICE AGE By underclass

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